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It’s raining discounts on Foodpanda. It’s been a 3-day streak of ordering cheap food for me, all thanks to them.

First things first, it’s not a paid post! I am a lover of food and discount hacks and hence, here I am sharing my pro gyaan with everyone.

Here’s how you can also order discounted food from Foodpanda (especially desserts):

So, when you open the app, you’d see a list of food categorised into munchies, desserts etc. These are the items primarily available on discounted prices.


The number of restaurants or cafes or bakeries in the list might be limited (varies from place to place) but for my locality, it pretty much covered everything, from munchies to desserts to biryani and more.

#1 Also, fair warning the discounts might not be available in all localities or on all eateries.

#2 And, sometimes your order might get cancelled by the place you order from as they keep a limited number of items for Re 1, Rs. 9 etc. and such items are the first ones to get sold out!

Once you are done scrolling through your options, you can either order food items on the discounted prices as displayed or apply the Rs. 9 coupon code which is “9”. The Rs. 9 coupon is currently valid only on desserts in my locality at the moment.

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However, the prices of food are, as it is discounted so it doesn’t matter even if your coupon doesn’t work!

I have had Nazeer rolls for Rs. 19 and 29, Belgian Chocolate Brownie for Rs. 9 & Blueberry Cheesecake for Rs. 9 so far!

Of course, you don’t believe me. So I’ll add some pictures as proof, I mean you aren’t really a food maniac if you don’t click before you eat!

Sometimes, the order gets cancelled too *sigh*

Rs. 9 coupon again works once per user but I am sure all of us have made multiple Netflix memberships previously, who is stopping you now?

And hey, again the discounted prices of desserts originally are so cheap that you don’t need them coupon codes!

That’s not all for the crave party that’s on, on Foodpanda. There are coupons like “CRAVE_25” & “GRAB25” for 25% discounts on many restaurants.

Not to forget, the standalone discounts by chains like Burger King (2 burgers for Rs. 100), Burger Singh (10% off on entire menu), Dunkin Donuts (25% off on donuts) and many more!

Happy eating!

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