In a shocking incident that left the city of Mumbai bewildered, a colossal iron bridge weighing 6,000 kg and spanning 90 feet was reported stolen from Malad West. The bridge, which served as a passage for Adani Electricity’s electric cables, had been replaced with a permanent structure earlier this year. 

The audacious theft came to light when the bridge vanished without a trace, triggering an investigation by the Mumbai Police. However, prompt action by law enforcement resulted in the recovery of the stolen materials and the subsequent arrest of four individuals involved in the theft.

Meticulous Investigation Uncovers Culprits

The disappearance of the colossal iron bridge baffled both authorities and onlookers. With no surveillance cameras installed in the vicinity, the investigation faced significant challenges. Nonetheless, Mumbai Police undertook a painstaking review of footage from nearby cameras, ultimately discovering footage of a large vehicle heading towards the bridge on June 11.

Using the vehicle’s registration number, the police initiated an investigation that led to the identification and arrest of the perpetrators. Notably, among the four arrested was an individual affiliated with the construction firm responsible for building the bridge, raising questions about possible inside involvement.

The Bridge’s Intricate Removal

The stolen bridge’s removal was a clandestine operation executed with precision. The audacious theft of the iron bridge involved a meticulously planned operation to dismantle and remove the massive structure. The perpetrators utilized gas-cutting equipment, indicating a high level of sophistication in executing the crime. 

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adani electricity iron bridge

Under the cover of darkness, they surreptitiously cut through the iron beams, carefully taking apart the bridge piece by piece. The absence of any authorization or knowledge from Adani Electricity added an extra layer of mystery to the theft. The stolen bridge was initially relocated to the end of Malad Back Road, but to the astonishment of onlookers, it vanished without a trace.

Adani Electricity’s Response And Gratitude

As news of the stolen bridge came to light, Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd promptly filed a complaint, estimating the stolen iron structure’s value at Rs 2 lakh. The company expressed its gratitude for the swift and diligent action taken by the Mumbai Police, which ultimately led to the recovery of the stolen materials. 

Adani Electricity’s response highlighted the importance of such collaboration between law enforcement agencies and private entities to combat theft and safeguard critical infrastructure. The incident also raised concerns about the need for enhanced security measures to protect valuable assets in the future.

The brazen theft of a 90-ft long, 6,000-kg iron bridge in Mumbai sent shockwaves throughout the city. However, through meticulous investigation and prompt action, the Mumbai Police successfully arrested the culprits involved in the audacious crime. The incident highlighted the importance of surveillance systems and robust security measures to protect critical infrastructure. 

As authorities and private entities collaborate to prevent such thefts in the future, this incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges in safeguarding public assets and the need for continued vigilance.

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