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What If the heart has to do everything?




Here’s a list of points which show how haywire things could go in life if the heart has to do the work of the brain as well:

1)   Decisions could be insane or irrational: in case just our heart works, decisions would be irrational as there would not be a brain to think about the logical side of a problem. We would act or choose with our hearts, not considering what is right or what is wrong. Because in our hearts, right things are the things which make us happy, but these right things could actually be wrong actions or wrong deeds. Confusing? Eh, simply your heart might urge you to do things which you might regret in the future.

2)   Letting go would be harder than it already is: when you love something or someone with all your heart, it’s hard to let go, but if you think about it using your brain, analyzing that its only when someone leaves, there’s a place created for someone new and better to come along, will you be able to move on. But to understand something like this is next to impossible for our sweet, little innocent hearts. The heart should be taught that rather than crying about something getting over, it must make us smile about the fact that it happened.

3)   We would get hurt more than we do now: if we go through a break up or a rough patch, it’s our brain that controls us, tells us that what happens, happens for the best. If our brain is not there to support us then the pain that we would feel will be excruciating, going through a bad phase in life will be so much harder than it already is.

4)   Taking a decision could take forever: since the logical reasoning would be missing, we will never be able to realise the pros and cons of a situation in life. Our innocent and pure hearts would be unable to carry out the function of decision making on its own and would take forever to make important decisions. What I believe is the best decisions are made with the consent of both the heart and the mind, not just with the consent of either.

5)    our brain facilitates the provision of a clear line of thought in one’s life, in case instead of the brain the heart has to do the same, it will be next to impossible. When you start listening to what your heart says, you will keep on analysing the good things even in things or people you don’t deserve to have in life. You will continue to be unable to clearly paint a picture of your thoughts, you’ll be confused. Since the heart wont enable you to apply logic to your thoughts.


In the end I would like to conclude, even when we can see that taking decisions with our hearts could make things in life more difficult, but ultimately we end up doing what our heart tends to tell us.






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