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Perks of an Arranged Marriage!




In India, even today more than 90 percent of marriages are arranged, out of which less than 5% end up in a divorce, following is a list of reasons why the tradition of arranged marriages continues to take place in our country.

1)   No scope for boring: since very recently you have decided to admit someone new into your life for a long term basis, there are chances you might not be much aware about that person. You obviously have all the substantial information, which urged you to agree to marry them. But when you start living with someone, you learn so much about the way the person is, his habits, both good and bad, the way he treats you, the way he or she is with and around his family members. There is no scope for boring as you both continue to experience new things in life; basically life for you is full of excitement. This remains interesting as it can take forever to know somebody completely.

2)   Discovering yourself: when you get married to someone under an arranged marriage, after marriage you start discovering how the person actually is, how he makes you feel, his qualities-positive and negative. But what the fact remains is while you start discovering a new person, you discover yourself along with him. Before you realise what qualities he is possesses, you discover the ones that you do. Basically the whole process becomes a new learning experience and a means of discovering one’s self.

3)   Step out of your comfort zone: to be living with a new person, a new family could be difficult. This new relationship and surroundings might demand you to step aside from your comfort zone. Maybe you are required to do things you would have never done had it not been for that marriage. It could also be that your better half likes to do things that you would never have thought about doing say scuba diving etc, but to ensure your partners happiness you would actually consider doing all such things. Basically an institution like an arranged marriage successfully brings you out from your comfort zone, in one way or the other.

4)   Improves adaptability: when you move to live with a person you haven’t known for long, a family you have met occasionally only,with time you learn to live and function according to the rules and rituals of that family. It may take time to adapt to these new settings and environment but it definitely is worth the effort. Once you have adapted yourself to the changes, life becomes simpler and you become a happier person.

5)   Family support: since arranged marriages take place with full support of both the families involved, chances of the marriage going on smoothly increases. In case something unfortunate happens between both of the individuals, say they fight, have problems or maybe even get divorced, they will always have their families and parent’s back no matter what. Because in an arranged marriage it is not just those two people getting involved, the entire families are involved, to sum it up, even after a divorce, you won’t be alone. Unlike what happens in love marriages, in case they fall apart, parents tend to blame their children rather than providing them support.





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