We live in stranger times! Each day is a reminder that anything could happen. Recently the news of a headless body of a teenager surfaced all over the internet and media. It was shocking and quite heart wrenching to read the headlines.

A 17-year-old boy’s decapitated body was discovered in Uttar Pradesh’s Lar region in according to authorities. According to Superintendent of Police Sankalp Sharma, the dead body was later identified as Rahman. It was also discovered that his fingers and toes had been amputated.

After the body’s photograph was posted to social media, Rahman was recognised by residents of Lar.

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Rahman rode his motorcycle out of his home on Thursday night. He had promised to return soon, according to his family, but he never did. According to the cops, even his cell phone was off.

The following morning, nearly 3 kilometres from Lar, on the Sutavar-Chaumukha road, some residents noticed a headless body and called the police. About 15 kilometres from his home, near the Mayil police station, his motorcycle was discovered, according to the local police station.

According to the SP, a case has been filed in this matter, and the suspects are to be arrested as quickly as possible.

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