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5 Weird Things About Hardik Patel, The ‘Patel’ Guy


By Mudit Agarwal

Have you ever felt that the education system has been unfair to you because of your general status? Have you contemplated if/when will, this end?

If one does set out to solve this issue, he/she finds themselves tangled up with numerous issues. The deeper the person divulges, more tangled up he or she gets.

Recently, the nation witnessed another episode concerning the reservation. This movement is led by a 21 year old individual, Hardik Patel (Russell Peter fans, please try to control your laughter), standing up for the Patel Community in Gujarat which got numerous people out on road rallying for the past two months.

Here are 5 things you should know about him:

Demand for reservation for Patel Community

Mr. Hardik Patel seems to have challenged the reservation system demanding reservation for his own community like the angry kid whom the parents forget to buy the candy for. He believes that reservation would ensure the enlistment of his already affluent community


Hold Reverse Dandi March

The agitation led by Hardik Patel was set to organize a reverse Dandi March, throwback to Mahatma Gandhi’s protest against the British for Independence of India. This was set off due to his meeting with the Chief Minister of Gujarat, who belongs to the same community.


Lesson from the Jhat and Gujjar Case

Like Patel Community, there have been other communities which have blackmailed governments in the past as they have outnumbered other communities of the region into getting reservations. Even so, it’s time we stop interlinking our social justice system and politics.


Reservations based on Caste Alone

Hardik Patel disregards the notion of economic well being in regard to the upliftment of the backward communities. For him, his community constitutes a major populous which seems credible enough to demand for reservation.  As per him, the Patel community, can make or break governments.


Redefine the whole reservation system

Although Mr. Hardik Patel’s paints a very selfish picture of himself, his motives might instigate a chain reaction wherein the whole reservation system is completely overhauled. This would be the silver lining we have been all searching for.

The ambiguous situation continues to persist. Although the demand for the reservations has not been headed to, the agitation continues to make the news.

Will Mr. Hardik Patel contest elections? Will there be any peaceful solution? Only time can tell.


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