December 14: When the digital marketing sector transformed itself as a major promoter of a film in the Industry, many agencies wanted to capitalize on this huge opportunity, but only a few withstand. One of them is ‘Haashtag Media’ founded and led by Manoj Valluri, who has vast 6 years experience of working for more than 200 films.

The ‘Haashtag Media’ recently worked on some successful projects like Krack, Zombie Reddy, Naandhi, A1 Express, Romantic, Maestro etc, providing all-in-one digital marketing services, including social media marketing, influencers marketing, Branding, Strategy, movies marketing, political campaigns, etc. 

The experience that Manoj had as ‘the Manager for Strategy’ during his early days in a digital marketing agencies having worked for films like Brochevarevarura, Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, Peta, Mehabooba, Bluffmaster, Ninu Veedanu needanu nene made many producers and directors look at him and his bunch of passionate young people.

‘Haashtag Media’ upcoming big flicks are Arjuna Phalguna, Shyam Singha Roy, Mishan Impossible, God Father, F3, Liger, Hanu-Man etc., for which they are implementing the latest AI & VR technologies for movie marketing. With everything in the bank and a lot of opportunities in hand, Manoj says that the ‘Haashtag Media’ will evolve as one of the most trusted and topmost digital marketing agencies in the south.


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