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Guilty or framed? The Talwar couple.


talwar-new-picBy Stuti Mohindra

The Talwar couple Rajesh and Nupur have been sentenced for life for murdering their own daughter and domestic help Hemraj. The two were sentenced on the basis of only circumstantial evidence only; there being no eyewitness to the crime. It has been proved beyond doubt that during the time of murder only four people were present at the scene of crime; the two accused and the two victims. Since the accused were unable to prove that they were innocent they were held responsible for the murder.

The negligent and defective investigation by the Noida police led to evidence being destroyed. In fact it is alleged that the police allowed the family members to wash the scene of crime instead of cordoning it off to collect the all important evidence. Therefore no direct evidence of the crime to nail the accused was found. The media portrayed them as guilty even before the sentence on them pronounced. The circumstantial evidence was the only justification in this case in absence of real evidence. Even the motive behind the murders was assumption. But the couple guilty or not will have to bear the brunt and will be behind the bars for lifetime. Social media has made a huge difference in this case. Also if they are indeed guilty then this case sets a new benchmark where purely circumstantial evidence has lead to punishment .



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