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The recently popular digital currency has been used for two full years, and with it comes a great game blockchain (source code/sc). 

There is still a lot to discuss here. Development President Rosenberg introduced various e-sports competitions to be played at home and abroad after the development of the fifth era-2021. One of the most creative is the only college competition, which is a 6vs6 team game that is only open to students, so that it can maintain fair competition and increase participation.

Next, they discussed the upcoming draft format version of the game (Fifth Era) in March 2021. The official version will be released in the summer of 2021. Players can use the recently purchased planned weapons to fight each other, and Beginning in February 2021, after investing in sc, matching weapons and equipment will be presented. This weapon is certified by the blockchain. This one is unique in the world. It will definitely be a high-priced product in the future and can be sold to the trading market. Experts predict that, These invincibles are rare collectibles. The price of some collectibles may be as high as 10W or even 100W. Of course, this may not be reflected soon, but just like the cat of Ethereum, you can buy 14W or even higher.

They remind us of the upcoming game “Star Citizen”, the largest crowdfunding game in history. Users use a lot of money to support game development when they don’t see the actual game work. Due to the generation of the blockchain, the source code takes this opportunity It is a perfect thing to allow users to experience reality better, support game development, and gain revenue. 

They also confirmed the chat function of the game, hoping to build a better game community. The Fifth Generation function will work hard to implement this function so that everyone can communicate better.

Finally, they revealed more information about parallel universes.

We think of the interstellar map of Star Citizen. All these events will definitely become the source code: the functions of the fifth era, all players participating in the source code crowdfunding mining will get more gold coins and more gift packages, but you must support the development of the fifth era, because Rosenberg from No attempt was made to provide free gifts to keep players. 

Employees thoroughly studied the content outside of the competition.

They revealed one of the links, all our roles will enter a new world. They will visit the world of the Fifth Age, where they will face the existing ruler of the Fifth Age, fight against him, fight for regional management and possession, and collect taxes and fees on equipment purchased by other players (similar to miner fees ). Despite this introduction, it has not been confirmed to introduce this link in detail, so this is only one of the nine categories of the game link.

Source code: The Fifth Era will be available on iOS, Android and PC. According to the time of development, Android is the first.

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