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Stock Entrepreneur Lloyd Jude to enter Indian Education Startup industry


The shift towards the online mode of education has opened new parkways for both students and teachers all across the world. And with pandemic being the major hit, the edutech industry through constant innovation and technology is helping the old school players to not only survive but also thrive in such difficult conditions.

An entrepreneur in the field of the stock market, Lloyd Jude Sunny is entering into the world of education by helping students in making the concept of education easier and connecting them to the top faculties across the country. He has partnered with the top-notch ed-tech startup named ED-Bus that would further ease the process of learning for the students with best information and knowledge.

Driven towards revolutionizing the education industry, Lloyd says, A lot of students face difficulties during online lectures especially in understanding subjects like Calculus and Geometry. My idea behind this startup is to ensure that all these students coming from different backgrounds shall get equal opportunities of getting the best quality information from world-class faculties to outshine and grow”.

The information provided would cater to each and every need of the student, including addressing or avoiding any kind of hindrance or obstacle that they might be facing in their quest for a profession of their choice.

With expertise in the stock market and exchange, Lloyd has been known for providing fund management advice to its valuable and trusted clients. He has also been handling classes on the stock market and is making the concept of stock easier for students all across the country. His keenness and zeal to bring a change in the education system is the only spur to start this prolific initiative.

He aims to simplify education for students living all across the country. He believes that with improved facilities and faculties one can bring world-class education to the doorsteps of students living in far fledge cities or villages.


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