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Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn is Changing Era – Ashish Mehta


Jupiter and Saturn are two powerful planets in astrology and they conjure every 20 years. However, every 60 years they conjure at the same degree and the phenomena is called The Great Conjunction; which brings about a tremendous change in the world. Mr. Ashish Mehta, a renowned Astro-Vastu consultant conducted an extensive research which revealed that every time these two planets would conjure, a huge event would occur in the world.

‘Mundane Astrology’, a book written by learned scholars of the west, states that Jupiter and Saturn are the rulers of the ages – their 20 year cycle can be considered as the ground base for human development. This cycle will help us predict the next 200 years on earth.

Ashish Mehta explains, “Every Zodiac sign represents one element – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius represent the element of Air; Aries, Leo, Sagittarius represent the element of Fire; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn represent the element of Earth, and Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces represent the element of Water. One should be aware of this so they can understand how the next 200 years shall be predicted.”  There is however a critical detail, he adds, “If the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs in the zodiac of the same element, thrice consecutively, every 20 years, only then will one be able to predict the next 200 years and that era will be life altering.”

200 years ago, the cycle of fire element began on June 25, 1821 when Jupiter and Saturn conjured in Aries at the exact same degree. Revealing his research, Ashish Mehta narrates, “20 years later, on January 25, 1842, the two planets conjured in Sagittarius; On October 25, 1861 they conjured in Leo and hence began the 200 year cycle of the fire element. In these years, we saw great progress like – the invention of electricity, the steam engine, advent of industrialisation, etc.” The concept of mass production also began in the same period which gave a pedestal to China to rise. The era of Oil & Gas also commenced in the same period. “However,” he adds, “the era will come to an end on December 21, 2020 when the two main planets will conjure in Capricorn – the element of earth – starting a new 200 year cycle.”

One must note that in the final 20 year cycle of the fire element, the world saw the rise of terrorism and forest fires in the Amazon, Australia, and USA’s California – which was as recent as 2019. Ashish Mehta mentions, “On December 26, 2019, six planets conjured in Sagittarius after which Covid-19 began spreading rapidly and this will be the final event of the cycle.” Medical Sciences tell us that Covid-19 becomes life threatening once the virus reaches our lungs. Ashish Mehta describes, “We have seven chakras in our body. The Solar Plexus – is the third chakra representing the fire element which lies near the lungs. Everyone should note that this is not a coincidence.”

Mr. Ashish Mehta, who is also an esteemed author and has written textbooks on Astrology and Vastu Shastra, clearly states the global implications of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. The last cycle of the fire element began on May 31, 2000. Soon after we saw 9/11 attack and a surge in terrorism. Ashish Mehta mentions, “200 year cycle will end with the Coronavirus pandemic. After 2020, the elements are changing their positions and the earth element will dominate the next 200 years.”

Ashish Mehta predicts ample positivity in the upcoming years, “Great progress is expected in 2040 when Jupiter and Saturn conjure in Virgo on November 5, and in 2060 when they conjure in Taurus on April 10. This begins the 200 year cycle which shall bring about changes in economy, our relationships, etc.”

It is believed that before a big event, the universe invariably sends us a sign that a huge change is on its way. The Covid-19 lockdown was a sign that the coming years will be dominated by the earth element. Right when the entire world was in complete lockdown – the two power planets – Jupiter and Saturn had conjured in Capricorn. Ashish Mehta explain, “Our lives changed during the period of lockdown. We started working from home, we paid attention to personal hygiene, we maintained social distancing, etc. The earth was changing as earth element became dominant.”

Our economy was also witnessing an alteration wherein the GDPs of all countries were all time low and the stock markets were all time high. In Atharva Veda there is a verse which tells us that the most important quality of the earth is nourishment. Ashish Mehta discloses that, “There will be a revolution in the field of agriculture. Certain media reports also state how the growth rate of agriculture increased by 3.4% while the GDP was all time low. All of this is proof that the earth element is active in a big way.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also noted on twitter when he endorsed Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence. “I have stressed on the importance of AI earlier and I believe that the countires which take the help of AI in agriculture shall lead the world,” says Ashish Mehta.

Another quality of the earth element is ‘to protect one’s own wealth’. Ashish Mehta warns, “The mantra for the upcoming 200 years is deglobalisation. We shall protect our wealth and keep our wealth in our nation. The Brexit, America First, Atmanirbhar Bharat, Vocal for Local – are ways through which we shall keep our wealth in our country.”

One must note that out of the three zodiacs of the earth element, Capricorn represents agriculture, and Virgo represents competitiveness and the third quality is stability. Several pandemics are expected in the future and therefore stability and security will be our prime concern. The feeling of stability shall also bring back security bonds and the fixed deposit culture in the world.

Ashish Mehta has an in-depth research of the astrosciences, believes that, “The falth lines beneath the earth’s surface shall be activated during the influence of the earth element. Places like Southern California, Japan shall witness the effects of the same.”

The fourth quality of the earth element is ‘to love gold’, which means that our economy will be dominated by gold. It is expected that a new digital currency will arise which shall be paired with gold. The scriptures mention ‘Suvarnamudra’ which means that in the future, either gold will become a currency or another currency will be paired with gold.

Earlier Oil and Gas were called Black Gold, which is going to change. The countries whose economy is solely dependent on oil and gas will face a huge shift. Ashish Mehta reveals his research into the oil and gas economy, “We might find technology which shall give us alternate fuel like generating fuel from a kind of metal or crystal which are available in the earth.” All materials which cause any harm to the earth shall be destroyed.

The next quality of the earth element is called ‘Jagato’, which means Rotator. Ashish Mehta interprets, “We are therefore expected to build infrastructure in space. Earth is also expected to change its axis which broadly means that the climate will be changing.”

The next quality is ‘sensory pleasure’. If you try to understand this quality you shall come across the time we spent watch entertainment shows on OTT platform during our lockdown period. The zodiac of Taurus represents ‘sensory pleasure’. The next quality associated with the earth element is ‘Vaishvanar’, which means industrial growth with the help if AI.

The world is made up of five elements, namely: sky, air, water, fire, and earth – the element of earth is always placed at the end which means end of the world. Ashish Mehta clarifies, “If we do not take care of the earth in the upcoming 40-60 years, then the planet shall become uninhabitable and we shall have no option but to move to a space colony. I advise all to become more sensitive towards the earth.”

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