National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has taken an amazing and out of the box step to prevent children and teenagers from acting under the influence of suicide challenges online.

NCPCR has launched a game called ‘Cyber Trivia’ to help users understand the dangers of online suicide challenges like ‘Blue Whale’ and ‘Momo Challenge’.

Not only that, but the app also educates the user about scenarios which might occur online and may put them and the people they know in harm.

Online Challenges & Their Impacts:

Blue Whale and Momo Challenge gave people tasks in the form of levels and piqued the interest of people into seeing what the next level is.

If that didn’t work, the participants were threatened into completing the tasks to the last level of committing suicide.

People are intrigued by challenges and often it becomes a matter of pride if they are not able to complete them. This tendency of humans had helped cyber criminals in launching self-harming apps in the disguise of a game and targeted vulnerable people who were more than often teenagers and even children.

Warnings and lectures from parents, schools, and officials previously were not enough as irrespective of them, the number of suicides and kids getting trapped in this cycle did not reduce exponentially.

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How Does ‘Cyber Trivia’ Work?:

‘Cyber Trivia’ has been launched under the puzzle category in Google Playstore and after downloading the app I can say for sure this app will help.

A calm soothing music plays in the background and on the first screen itself you get an option for reporting cyberbullying.

The game is in a quiz format and the questions are in the form of a scenario which might occur while using the internet with choices given below on how would you react to them.

You get a point if you answer the question correctly and lose a life if you answer it wrong.

The game is divided into three levels with each level having a set of scenarios with its complication increasing over the levels.

Based on the looks of the game, it feels like it is targeted at a specific age group, the pre-teens.

Word From Experts:

According to child psychologist Sujatha Sharma, the idea behind this game is to trigger behavior modification in children.

“The app is based on behavior modification technique under which we use a system of rewards and punishments to encourage positive behavior and discourage negative behavior. It is a standard technique of behavior modification therapy.”

Having tried this app, it surely adds a factor fun while incepting ideas on how to react to potential cyber-crimes.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: India Times, NDTV, News18 + more

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