We are living in a world where being ‘cool’ is the new fad. While some of these crazy challenges can always be fun, others can be way too risky for your life. And unfortunately, its human nature to be foolish on most occasions.

Only last year, the ‘Blue Whale challenge’, an online game blamed for the death of various children sparked worldwide outrage.

Now, another game called the ‘Momo Challenge’ has taken over the internet.

This game is suspected to work on the same principles as those of the Blue Whale Challenge, which affected teenagers across the world and contributed to many suicide cases in India.

Don’t try this at home!

What is the ‘Momo challenge’ and how does it work?

The Momo Challenge refers to an online challenge which was born on Facebook, which is now spreading its roots on WhatsApp and YouTube.

The avatar for ‘Momo’ is a haunting image with grotesque features and bulging eyes which is adapted from the artistic work of Midori Hayashi, who in no capacity is associated with the game itself.

Just like the Blue Whale Challenge, children are contacted through unknown numbers, those belonging to Japan, Mexico, and Columbia.

Momo Challenge begins with the controller sending sinister images to the victim over the messaging app. The game then threatens the player if they refuse to follow the game’s ‘orders’.

The image is really horrifying and bizarre. There is a girl’s face, which appears to be distorted. A possible explanation to the name ‘momo’ could be from the eyes of the girl, which are popping out and bulging, giving a similar resemblance to momos.

The possible aim of this game is not yet identified but authorities have warned that this user might want to steal your personal information or encourage you to commit suicide.

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Has the ‘Momo Challenge’ come to India?

Till now, there have been no reports of the presence of this challenge in India. Considering the Blue Whale Challenge reached the highest risk level in India, with the challenge a cause for many suicides in India, its best to take prevention and safeguard people around you.

According to the MailOnline, the challenge, which reportedly has already attracted kids in the United States, Argentina, France, Mexico, and Germany may be linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl from Escobar, Argentina.

The girl reportedly posted videos of herself doing a series of ‘challenges’ before taking her own life mysteriously.

Parents have been warned the Momo game could become the next Blue Whale

What can we do?

As parents, all we can do is be open to your kids as much as you can and even monitor their online activity as things on the internet can spread at the speed of light.

Making children aware of this challenge and telling them its harms can go a long way in preventing this. Most importantly, having an open communication with your kid. Being informed and talking to them if their behaviour seems odd holds key.

As teenagers, we are ‘adventure souls’ out there trying to give a go at everything which seems odd or which is trending. Such threats feed on teens aloofness. Confiding with your parents and friends about any problems you may be facing may make you stay away from all this mess.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Daily Mail, Lad Bible, Story Pick

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