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Gloss works with Atlantic Records on Galantis’ album “The Aviary”


Popular arts and media company, Gloss, creates a world-first concept campaign in collaboration with Atlantic Records on “The Aviary”

Gloss Network remains a major force in the digital media industry, with a track record of putting out viral videos that have literally shaken the industry. Thanks to its innovative and groundbreaking promotion strategies, Gloss has grown to become the toast of businesses across different industries and has worked with entertainment giants, especially in the music industry. One of the projects handled by Gloss that has further established the company as a major name in the world of entertainment is “The Aviary” by Galantis.

The music industry and the world of entertainment have continued to evolve. Over the years, there has been an influx of different categories of stakeholders such as music producers, record labels, and artists, blessing the ears of music lovers with amazing content. This phenomenon has further increased the competitiveness and dynamism of the industry, consequently requiring artists and record labels to think out of the box to stay ahead of the competition. Thanks to the likes of Gloss Network and their team of creative and highly talented content creators, stakeholders in the entertainment industry are able to reach their target audience and go viral in a relatively short while.

Gloss was contacted by Atlantic Records to help promote Galantis’ album titled “The Aviary”. The media company had to create the first of its kind world campaign. Consequently, the company deployed its team, which comprised of some of the world’s most sought-after street artists to re-interprete Galantis’ album cover with artworks in eight major cities in different parts of the world.

We synchronized the release of eight time-lapse videos documenting the creation of the works across our international network, creating one of the largest online album launches of its kind.

The innovative campaign was remarkably successful, helping to grow Galantis’ popularity, announcing him to a global audience. Just about one month after the launch of the campaign, Gloss’s videos had amassed almost half a billion views and approximately 6,766,000 non-aggregated views across Gloss’s channels alone. This was followed by the first single from the Galantis’ album, ‘True Feeling,’ ranking as the number one most popular song in music charts around the world even before the release of the album.

Gloss has also worked with several other artists who are looking to leverage the creativity and ingenuity of the company’s team.

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