Social media is the most powerful tool that we have in our hands. Use it the right way and there’s nothing that you cannot achieve. A Twitter user did exactly that, asking for help from fellow social media users after a heart-wrenching rant.

Netusha Naidu (@NetushaNaidu), a history student at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC), opened up on Twitter about her allegedly abusive father and how he is threatening to cut her off financially.

She admitted that she felt ‘extremely vulnerable’ for writing the thread, but was ‘desperate’. The abuse has made her so scarred that she now believes that the only way she can have a secure and empowered future is by cutting off ties with her father.

She then narrated incidents of abuse that she suffered from her father.

To make ends meet, Netusha wrote for The Malaysian Insider. Her father later allowed her to pursue her studies in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. However, when she reached in 2nd year, he refused to pay her fees.

Netusha, being an outstanding student that she is, got a scholarship from a foundation in her state. The foundation, however, could only support her for a year as it ran out of funds.

Nevertheless, she was offered a ‘generous’ installment plan by her University, but her father supposedly didn’t abide by it.  As a result, she still has to pay RM 20000, which is about 350,000 Indian Rupees.

In her last tweet, she also mentioned that she is a disabled student, with a ‘debilitating illness’.

Twitter Comes Out In Support

Within hours of her tweets, there was overwhelming support for Netusha. People came out in support of her, sending words of encouragement and donating money to help her. Some recommended her to try fundraising platforms like Skolafund and Gofundme.

One shop in Malaysia even made a promo code ‘NETUSHA5’, through which RM5 (approximately 88 Indian Rupees) goes to her for every scarf they sell.

Some users opened up with similar stories of their own.

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Not Heard The Other Side Yet

One user, however, also pointed out that since he hasn’t heard the other side of the story yet, he won’t trust her blindly.

This might well be an unpopular opinion, but it is thought provoking. Without hearing the other side of the story, it might be harsh to jump the gun on her father. We might be too quick to form judgments about her father. Making a devil out of someone, just based on an one-sided Twitter post by someone, will be immature on our part.

No sane father would want his daughter to ask for financial aid on a public platform. But if he really is the monster that Netusha has portrayed him to be, it’s a shame and I feel sorry for her.

Mind you, this takes nothing away from Netusha. She is a brave girl and will surely be successful in the coming years. I hope that she becomes an even better historian than Farish Noor.

Sources: Twitter

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