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The Table Is Set For A Feverish Final Lap After This Week’s Game Of Thrones


Together we announce the Holy Alliance, between the Crown and the Faith.”

After last week’s devastating episode, it is only understandable that Game of Thrones chose to follow it up with a largely table-setting episode which never underwhelmed but was still anti-climatic in parts. So, without further ado,


1. Everything Braavos: Yes, that’s not something I say or feel very often. As perfect as Arya, the character and Maisie, the actress is, I have been largely left wanting and indifferent about her assassin training camp at Braavos with the Faceless Men. This week was as good as Braavos as ever been.


I’m glad the street theatre (A play I would pay to watch the full version of) from last week graced us this week as well. And surprisingly, there is a nifty little scene where Arya, momentarily and unexpectedly draws a parallel between herself and Queen Cersei as she sympathizes with Cersei’s drive to take back what’s been taken from her.

Oh, and Needle returns as Arya finally comes to the realization that she might never truly be ‘No One.’ Shame though that the storyline was left hanging for another day.

2. The High Sparrow: How do you outmaneuver an alliance of the most powerful houses in the Seven Kingdoms with a ready army at its disposal? You manipulate the King and Queen and let them do it for you.


Uniting the Crown and the King (Do note the new Kingsguard sigil on the armour) is a masterstroke in the short-term although yes, it is sure to go up in flames in the long-term (Or next episode, for that matter). With Cersei’s trial coming up, it seems the Sparrow does have the higher card (With or without a certain lost brother).

3. Theorists: Considering the length and breadth of the Westerosi universe (And the fact that the books aren’t yet complete because Martin is having a snack), there are dozens of theories abound. And even though none of them panned out this week, there’s some solace to take this week.


As expected (Although, otherwise in the books), Benjen Stark is in fact Coldhands (Although, he isn’t mentioned by that name nor is a stranger for long so, that is really moot). Secondly, we see Aerys for the first time (Looking a lot like Lost King Théoden) on the series, and Bran’s visions of him, his love for Wildfire and the sight of Jaime stabbing Aerys are interesting and exciting.  Doesn’t make the Bran-Mad King Aerys theories any true though (Always thought that was a bit of a stretch).

4. The Greyjoys: Nothing much to report on Dany’s front, except for another show of power and a dragon with an exceptional sense of timing and theatrics. However, Dany did contemplate 1000 ships to carry her army and Khalasar back to Westeros. Sounds like a job for a Greyjoy. The question is, which one will it be?



1. Margery: The Queen doesn’t have a POV in the books and despite the perceived bias against her from Cersei’s POV, I have no doubt as to how shrewd and scheming she is. So was the case with Margery, until now. Yes, maybe she might have become a convert just to get out of a life in prison but, if next week’s preview is any indication, it is not a ruse. And that doesn’t make sense. She is ‘the queen’ and for her to convert so quickly is difficult to make sense of. And that doesn’t do justice to her character.

It doesn’t make her character any less interesting but, it does fly in the face of everything we know of her.

2. Jaime Lannister: Apart from Arya Stark, Jaime Lannister is the best-written character in the books (To be fair, a lot of my favourites like Varys don’t have POV chapters). And after the disaster called Dorne, it’s good to see Jaime take reins of the situation in King’s Landing. But, if getting fired from your job is bad, being sent in exile is worse.


But hey, he’s going to Riverrun to meet the Blackfish (Yayy!).

3. God of Death: No human deaths reported this week. That’s a first, is it?

4. Anyone praying to watch Margery’s walk of atonement: (Pervs)


Missing In Action: The North (Jon/Sansa/Jack the Ripper), Laurel and Hardy in Meereen, the Greyjoys and Dorne.

Oh, and we finally got to meet grumpy ol’ dad, Randyll Tarly (Arguably, the finest military commander in the Seven Kingdoms), who is not really a hoot to be around. But hey, Gilly got a makeover which would make Julia Roberts proud.

Oh, and Walder Frey is back. But, we haven’t forgotten him, have we? The North remembers.

Scene of the week: Jaime trying to hold it in as Mace Tyrell rallies his troops with all his pomposity.

Cleganebowl watch: None yet. *Fingers crossed*

Until next week,

Hodor. Always.

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Jibin Mathew George
Jibin Mathew George
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