‘Debt Ridden’ Students Are Looking For Sugar Daddies For Rent & Tuition

It is not new for me to scroll my news feed and encounter bizarre things. But, this time around something in me twitched as I read that debt-ridden students are looking for sugar daddies to pay off their rent and tuition. While I was certainly taken aback, this sugar daddy tradition goes long back.

A lot of websites are working towards this “arrangement”, where young women who need financial support sign up and they are connected with old, rich men, who will pay for this “companionship”.

Candice Kashani graduated from law school without any debt because of this arrangement and believes that it is a “great resource” for young women.


What is a Sugar Daddy Relationship?

The sugar baby satiates the sugar daddy’s sexual needs, while the man pays whatever she demands in return. Apparently, the money that the sugar baby asks for depends directly on the sugar daddy’s earning and how many times they are to see each other.

This could turn into a luxurious affair, where the sugar daddy provides the sugar baby with luxurious gifts and expensive trips. The women have to necessarily act submissive, and follow the orders of their cash providers, while they are deemed to a monthly allowance.


According to a woman who engaged in a sugar daddy relationship, this arrangement works absolutely like a normal relationship. They go out in public, kiss, make out, but the decision relies on the sugar daddy. Some of these relationships last for months and, some even longer.



Sugar Daddies on the rise?

It has come to be known that these relationships are now being preferred by college students from the U.S. to the UK, to pay for their ridiculously extravagant tuition fee, rent, and utilities.

With a lot of websites like seekingarrangement.com and whatsyourprice.com, it has become easier for these hapless students to find a man who can afford to help them.



Is it not prostitution?

Sugar Daddy relationships are called “mutually beneficial relationships” to avoid legal hassles, and to separate it from prostitution. Unlike sex workers, a lot of people put their real identities on these websites, which is also a risky affair, as a lot of them are perpetrated to violence.

But does it not degrade women to the level of prostitution? Of course, it does, but the sugar babies are often misled into believing that this is completely legal as it is a “relationship”. While prostitutes engage in sex just for a set amount of money, these babies are taken out for wine and dine and made to believe that it is an actual relationship.

But, women are not forced into it. They pursue this only at their own will, be it for paying off debts, or to enjoy to luxurious gifts.

While these sexual relationships can end at any time and are not a reliable source of the flow of money, some women feel respected and cared for, but at the end of the day, it is sex work which is bound to end when the man decides to.



Selling bodies to make money is not a new concept, but, it has paved its way to modern times as a modern tool. If it is good or bad depends on how one perceives it, as they are the sole owners of their bodies and have the right to make decisions about it. Is there anything wrong? Ask yourself.

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