January 17: Almost each and every one of us today would be pursuing something or the other with our heart, mind and soul. While chasing the ever wanted goals at least once in a while we reflect on the possibilities of “what could have been” if we had chosen our dreams over the traditional choices that we all chose always. Mr. Rijin Varghese was one such person, what made him an icon was the choice that he took in his life and the fact that he believes in himself and the work he does. He chased his dream since his childhood and fulfilled it; presently, Rijin Varghese popularly known as ( RJ Rijin ) is an Entrepreneur, RJ, VJ, Audio Engineer, MarCom Strategist, Singer, Songwriter & and MC. Unlike most Rijin belives that it is the inner calling that matters the most and what brings sound sleep at night, it is important not only to understand your calling but take definite actions regarding the same.

Rijin has recently announced the incorporation of his international marketing agency by the name RED International. This company provides 360° solutions for brands and corporates to have brilliant identity and visibility in all all advertising platforms. With a huge client base in Dubai, Australia, India and US,  RED INTERNATIONAL has taken the market by a storm. The world of media and advertisement is ever changing and with such diversity in the clients to establish such a strong client base is unprecedented www.red.international.

Rijin has worked as a Media and Entertainment professional for a vast timespan of more than 10 years, and that is where he gets the edge. RED International being the brainchild of Rijin Varghese, popularly known as Rj Rijin solves many such problems and provides solutions to enhance business through advertising for clients, which he himself has faced in his career when invested in marketing. With thier wide range of services from advertising, integrated marketing, movie promotions, event management, radio, TV, content creation, social & digital marketing to operations, production of movies and tv shows and corporate merchandising, they aim to create a cost effective market, one stop solution for entertainment and creative services for any sector of business. They plan as of now scaling their services Pan India and are ready for turning the tables against big players in the present market. 

An absolute beast in the entertainment industry, Hailing from Bangalore, Rijin stared working when he was 16 years old, and he has seen the bad days and good days in life.  And this is why- one can never stop listing his achievements.  After completing his bachelors In AudioEngineering from SAE Sydney Australia and his Bachelors in Business Management from Bangalore, he always had it in him to work for himself. He began his career as a host in his Church, then moved into the professional world of hosting and hosted more than 1000 shows across India, Gulf, Sydney, New York and to hosting the 3rd largest international book fair in the world consecutively for 2 years in Sharjah with Shashi Tharoor, Durjoy Dutta, Resul Pookuty and Shiv Kera, with professional history as working a RJ in Radio One 94.3 Bangalore, Red Fm 93.5 Bangalore, Club Fm, then Super FM 94.7, Channel 4 Radio Network Gold Fm Dubai, he is an absolute driving force behind RED International. He got an offer from Dubai through his social media page to do the morning show for Super Fm and evening drive time show Sunset Drive( weekdays) & Whatsapp Weekend and Toll Free Fun with his co host Meera Nandan and Deepa.  He has also done TV shows like BYTE IT, a tech show on Media One Gulf and Food Blogging Tv show on Channel UFX & He has also done an Auto Show called Master Drive in GCC. And now Rj Rijin hosts the biggest and largest draw in the gulf called Emirates Draw, along with Dua Al Nimer and Shereen Ahmed. He is the 1st male host from India to be on a Global Tv Show. And he speaks in 3 languages on the show and he knows more than 6 languages. 

With such exhaustive and sharp expertise in entertainment history he has now rolled up his sleeves for making The RED International a synonym for marketing solutions in the world.


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