The Indian student community forms a fundamentally integral part of Indian society. With such amount of expectations riding upon the fraternity, it is disheartening to note that it has found recluse on the front pages of newspapers for all the wrong reasons.

The recent trend has garnered much traction that it seems almost illogical to think of prestigious institutions in the same light as one would a couple of years ago. 

As the curtains fall and the nasty underbelly of the said student community is revealed to the public, it is only frank disappointment and horror that paints society’s face. As one student aims to attack a cricket captain’s months old daughter, the other two become the face of the Bulli Bai scandal.

The recent capture of the two culprits of the heinous crime of ‘selling’ Muslim women on the Bulli Bai application casts a dangerous shadow over the entirety of the student community.

What Happened In The Bulli Bai Scenario?

GitHub has become one of the major fronts for programmers from all over the world to display their programmes for all to see, often leading to amazing advancements in the world of tech. However, in the selfsame design, numerous programmers have used such platforms to display their penchant for the wicked.

In a similar fashion, it was found that three promising students were found at the forefront of the Bulli Bai scandal and it is anyone’s guess when it comes down to any further addition to the felon list. 

The GitHub application displayed an auction of significant and influential Muslim women in the country with hoarding of ‘Bulli Bai of the Day’ plastered across their images. The entire scandal has turned into a pan-national bust as the three students, Mayank Rawal, Vishal Kumar Jha and Shweta Singh, the alleged mastermind were caught in different parts of the country.

To put matters into perspective, with an FIR lodged with the Mumbai Police, the deal had become increasingly apparent and clear cut as to determine the course of action to follow. Thus, the Mumbai Police pursued the three accused in cognizance with the respective state police departments. 

Mayank Rawal’s arrest was a major breakthrough in the case

Mayank Rawal was the latest addition to the motley crew as the Mumbai Police captured the 21-year-old in Uttarakhand, the same state as Shweta Singh (18). Vishal Kumar Jha, on the other hand, was nabbed in Bengaluru.

The entirety of the accused lineup comprises college students and a school student, as of now. This begs us to question the scholastic culture that pushes these students to such an extent.

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What Makes Students Consort To Such Activities?

In all honesty, there’s no clear-cut way of stating the reasons as to why a certain someone may cede to such heinous activities, however, under consorted breaths one can assume a multitude of factors.

Shweta Singh, who had been alleged to have been the mastermind behind the Bulli Bai app, has revealed the monetarily dire situation that forced her to undertake such an activity. She had lost both her parents, her mother had died of cancer a couple of years before while her father succumbed to the COVID-19 virus. 

However, the other students have sparsely had anything of importance to state that would establish their inclination towards being behind the establishment of such an application.

Putting matters into perspective, it can be heralded towards the basic predicament of youthful fervour that entices and allures the young to ‘try’ something new out, no matter how heinous. It is the intermittent feeling of invincibility that prevails over them. However, it is also through a seeming lack of public discourse concerning myriad issues that we find them using such platforms for folly. 

The Bulli Bai incident is but the tip of the iceberg, the deeper we delve, we find that very recently a similar incident with an engineering student at the forefront was recorded. 

Ramnagesh Akubathini, a 23-year-old alumni of IIT Hyderabad, found himself at the forefront of the controversy created with rape threats directed at Virat Kohli’s then 10-month-old daughter. The prime accused, Akubathini, has been granted bail in accordance with a bail plea made to the Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate Court.

As can be denoted, identity theft over the internet is as simple as one would think as is IP masking, however, the fact that a prime accused hails from one of the premier institutes in the country is cause for concern.

Most hate speech and miscreant activities that have taken over our social media are more often than not made by the youth hiding behind a garb of fake profiles. On one hand, we have the Bulli Bai accused hiding behind identities of Sikh-influenced usernames and on the other, we have the scenario of a captain, coming out in support of his Muslim teammate, being attacked.

It is only fair to state that there exist political powers at play and it is fairly horrifying to think that the authorities would use communalism as their weapon even as the world crumbles all around. 

Course Of Action Taken For The Bulli Bai Case

During the course of writing this article, I wondered about the numerous ‘what if’ scenarios that boggled me. I am a student, not unlike any of the accused, what if I was pushed up against a wall in the same way. Would I resort to such means to exact whatever amount of money I had been promised by my higher-ups? 

Neeraj Bishnoi being apprehended by the Delhi Police

The moment I decided to answer the question, another headline updated itself as the Delhi Police nabbed the ‘real’ mastermind behind the Bulli Bai case, Neeraj Bishnoi from Assam.

A 21-year-old engineering student, much like the others accused, Bishnoi was the perfect example of a young citizen being impersonal and hiding behind a garb of faux invincibility. 

It is time for our youth to become more responsible and our institutions to enable public discourse without limiting its extent.

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