Friendy Fridays Chapter 15: Swati Kain

Today on Friendly Fridays we have with us Swati Kain, a youth icon with a dynamic personality. She has been an inspiration to a number of young minds by carving a niche for herself in the glamour world. She was among one of the Finalists of Ponds Femina Miss India, 2013. She had also been crowned with the titles of Max Femina Miss Fashion Icon, Tressemme Miss Stylish hair and also Lakme Femina Miss Eyeconic eyes!
To add to all this,she had also been crowned first runner up at Miss Heritage World 2013 in Zimbabwe on Dec 13.

Swati defines herself as “A fitness trainer by profession, a beauty queen by luck and a politics enthusiast by passion!” Was she always so sure of entering the fashion industry? Well not at all, she was as hopeless as almost all of us (wink). She is heard saying “I was completely Ambitionless in college; I used to be overweight, really worked on my diet and exercise.” She feels lucky to have supporting Friends and Family who have been there for her throughout.


So here we have with us Swati Kain who has done B.A (hons) in History at Hindu College (University of Delhi and is now a fitness trainer.

ED Team: Welcome to Friendly Fridays! It’s been a few years since you have been part of the glamour industry. Our  First and Foremost question is what pulled you towards Modelling as a profession?

Swati Kain: I never aspired to become a model or an actress. Femina Miss India (FMI) was like a teenage crush, it just happened.

ED Team: We like the way you just called it a teenage crush (laughs), So is there any particular model that inspires you the most?

Swati Kain: Internationally it’s Adriana Lima as she’s an epitome of perfection. But perfections sometimes gest boring and that’s when Piggy Chops step in. She’s a celebrity who doesn’t feel ashamed to admit that it’s okay to have a bad day!


ED Team:Interesting answer, Just like we find Piggy chops mentioning how much support she had from her mother and late father,to what extent do your parents support this decision of becoming a model?

Swati Kain: My parents are as ambitious for me as much as I am for myself. They trust me and support my decisons and I’m very lucky to have them as my parents.

ED Team That’s wonderful, So what made you choose this field amongst others?

Swati Kain :Just wanted to challenge my confidence level. It has nothing to do with “World Peace”. LOL! (Laughs).

ED Team:How did all this start? Tell us about your first ramp walk?

Swati Kain:This was at the time of auditions for FMI. I was so nervous that I forgot to put a smile on my face. I fell down when I had to make an exit through a dilapidated wooden staircase. Good times!

ED Team: Well practice makes a man perfect,Since a lot of people reading this already know you as a successful model. I am sure everyone would be thrilled to know your favourite designer and or any label you religiously follow?

Swati Kain: Nope. I really like Sonam Kapoor’s sense of styling and to be completely honest I love to shop at Sarojini Nagar. So no particular brands or designers do I prefer over our Desi Sarojini market shops. The perks of shopping at such places is that the fashion trends keep changing very soon, you dot actually feel sad if you have to throw away something in that case as you did not spend alot on that outfit.


Ed Team: There’s alot that comes with being in the modelling industry, could you share some light on  the truth behind the so called “casting couch”?

Swati Kain:People will come up with anything to let down the few risk takers. The world is full of sleazy men, it’s about how smartly you deal with them. And luckily today women are street smart. YOU GO GIRL!

ED Team: Well Said! So what are a few pros and cons of being a part of the glamour world?

Swati Kain: Pros- Travelling all the time/ Cons- Travelling all the time.

ED Team: Haha! Alright if not modelling what other profession would you have taken up?

Swati Kain: That is easy. A Police Officer.

ED Team: Thats a unique answer! Also we heard you are a yoga instructor, how do you manage both careers professionally?
Swati Kain: By making modelling as my part time career ‘coz physical beauty is temporary…divine words from my yogic texts.

ED Team: Like many others do you dream about entering into film industry in the near future?

Swati Kain :No!

 ED Team: For our readers who might be aspiring models, were there any challenges you faced? And do you have any tips for them?

Swati Kain: INHIBITIONS because of our regressive society. Who are these people who decide how a woman should act and behave like? Who are these people who have a set of do’s and don’ts for us? Who are these people who tag women as “characterless” or “sanskari”?

It has taken me a while to come out of this frame of mind and I’m still working on it.

ED Team: what is your core belief in life?
Swati Kain: Humanity and Courage


ED Team: What is your ultimate aim in life?

Swati Kain:  I dont know, I’m still working on it.

ED Team: what do you have to say about Friendly Fridays?

Swati Kain: you guys are doing a great job. I feel lucky and thankful that I have this platform where I can share my opinions about things that matter.





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