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Friday the 13th… Unlucky no more….


Unlucky no more...
Unlucky no more…

Friday the 13th is considered to be the unluckiest day for anybody. Since ages, people used to fear this day and even now, this day is considered to be dreadful. In USA, people avoid going out, or travelling by air. Quite shocking! Isn’t it?

But this day has brought a day of relief, a day of justice and a day of hope for India.
Decisions that were made pending for a prolonged period, were smoothed off today. This day has certainly changed its meanings and implications (well at least in India).
No wonders what all happened today. But just to quote, let’s begin.

First decision that came by was, death sentence being given to the culprits of Damini Rape Case. Months passed since that incident took place, people came out in numbers to protest, everybody demanded capital punishments for the guilty but nothing fruitful was taking place and ultimately the girl died midst no hope for getting justice. But then this day came and all the 4 convicts who were involved in this gruesome sin were awarded death penalty by Delhi court which finally realized that the gravity of the offence was too extreme to be tolerated.
The prolonged wait has thus ultimately paid off.

The second biggest decision which elevated on this day was, Sreesanth being banned for life from Cricket, for his fiddle act during this year’s IPL where he was accused of Spot Fixing. His act was no less than the culprits of Damini incident. Those guys raped a girl but Sreesanth raped the esteem of our country. In a country like India where Cricket is in itself a religion and has the power to alleviate every boundary which persists, such an act is seen as an evil. This act of his made us forget all the laurels that he brought for India (that catch-out of Misbah-ul-haq in the finale of 2007 T-20 World Cup is one such instance). So, a life-ban had to be there. This decision will hopefully prevent the young cricketers to not to repeat such stuff.

The final (as of now) decision that took place was, Narendra Modi being officially announced as the elected PM candidate of BJP for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. Well for many it was a relief. This probably has made people thinking, that Modi “will” be the next PM. I’m not saying that this is the best decision but when majority of the mass is happy, the decision has to be counted in the history books. Quite often than not, changes have been fruitful and given the earlier decisions that have flown in our way today, let’s just hope Modi’s election will prove just.

So, it seems Friday the 13th might not be that bad a day, which we think of it as. These decisions have actually helped in bringing a new ray of hope for us. Probably now would be a good time to give this old superstition a farewell. What do you say?


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