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Fourth Generation Mason Builds Business Empire: Matt Dibara and Dibara Masonry


Not one, not two or three, but four generations of the Dibara family have been master masons – and Matt Dibara, who mixed his first bag of concrete at only nine years old, continues the legacy.

Placing first in the national SkillsUSA masonry competition during highschool, Matt made an early mark in the masonry world. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where he earned a degree in Construction Management and Environmental Design, Matt took the reins on the four-generation spanning business. Once again, he left his own footprint, but this time it wasn’t with his advanced masonry skills. Instead, he wow-ed with his business ingenuity. He saw the opportunity to be mentored by the likes of marketing guru Jay Abraham and business tycoon Mike Agugilaro of CEO Warrior fame and moved his East-coast business to Los Angeles. 

Matt didn’t allow the culture shock nor the rapid transplantation and loss of client base to stop him. He began leveraging his connections and using his business acumen to place Dibara Masonry as the top masonry and concrete company in the county. Known for their expert and ethical work, Dibara Masonry has worked on some of the most prestigious and well known celebrity homes in the city, in addition to restoring a number of Hollywood’s most famous cultural landmarks. They’ve been in business for over a century but are just getting started in the city of angels and are continuing to prove why their services are such a solid investment.

Beyond just improving his family business, Matt’s passion concerns educating homeowners. Contractors have some of the worst reputations of any industry and Matt empowers homeowners by delivering with in-depth industry insight in understandable terms, much of which can be found in his upcoming book The Undercover Contractor: How To Not Get F*cked By Your Contractor and his recent podcast, The Undercover Contractor Podcast.

Growing up as a fourth generation mason in a family with clientele as old as the business itself, Matt learned the value of ethics and straight shooting even with the most troublesome of clients. Unfortunately, this certainly is not the standard with contractors. A recent study found that only 36% percent of homeowners were happy with their contractors and almost every dinner party after a renovation offers anecdotal confirmation of this. Beyond balancing budgets, timelines, and permits with local governments, the last thing homeowners need is shady contractors. In his recent book and podcast, Matt covers everything homeowners need to know about contractors from an inside perspective, spilling secrets and giving systems for every step in the process from finding and vetting to hiring and managing contractors of every trade. 

Beyond successfully transplanting his family masonry company across the country and solidifying its place as the best masonry and concrete company in the county, Matt has also created a veritable business empire in the city of angels. He’s started a popular line of food trucks in the hyper-competitive market of LA, a thriving online fitness company (The Fitness Rebellion), and even a successful Japanese skincare company which specializes in effective yet environmentally friendly products. 

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