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Boston Dental’s Laser Dentistry Procedures Are Making Waves in the Industry


One of the top dental centers in the USA, Boston Dental, under the guidance of renowned Dr. Maged el-Malecki, has been making waves for its use of cutting edge laser technology to conduct dental procedures. The center engages advanced technology to offer its clients the highest quality of care and services, along with comfort and compassion.

Speaking of investing in modern techniques at the center, Dr. el-Malecki shares, “At Boston Dental, we take pride in our commitment towards our patients and aim to provide exceptional oral healthcare using superior laser dentistry, which guarantees a minimally invasive holistic treatment and clean, healthy teeth.”

Laser dentistry facilitates a more efficient and precise dental care that enables deep and proper treatment. It is used for a plethora of treatments such as cavity detection, fillings, crown lengthening, gingival (gum) resculpting, and root canals.

Dr. el Malecki reveals, “Our laser treatment is recommended by 97% of my patients to their friends and families as they have experienced utmost comfort from the service. Some of the benefits include zero anesthesia required, less bleeding and post-operative swelling, minimal damage to the surrounding tissue, reduction in healing time and need for pain medication, and decrease in periodontal pockets without the use of stitches.”

Dental decay is one of the major concerns in oral hygiene care, and several efforts have been made to improve its detection for effective treatment. Boston Dental is one of the few dental practices that use DIAGNOdent Laser. The technology is used for decay diagnostic such as cavity identification on the fissure lines or occlusal surfaces of teeth and other areas of decay and complete scanning of teeth to identify the health of the enamel.

Explaining the procedure, Dr el Malecki says, “The DIAGNOdent laser measures at a specific wavelength the fluorescence within the mineral structure of the tooth, providing a complete reading on the health of each tooth. A healthy tooth exhibits little or no fluorescence, while a decayed tooth will exhibit an elevated level of fluorescence. This helps in identifying teeth with caries and other issues with a precision that surpasses that of X-rays and in curating a customized course of treatment.” Boston Dental also employs DIAGNOdent Perio Probe, which examines gum tissue for signs of periodontal disease.

Boston Dental Centers are located at Downtown Crossing (Chauncy St) and Government Center (Court St). They also have a center in Dubai, UAE called Duval Smile Center.

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