The animated sitcom The Simpsons seems to predict the future way before the actual event. From the prediction of marijuana legalisation in Canada to the Ebola plague, the show has left the audience in awe. Here are the five times the show has done it better than a fortune-teller.

Coronavirus Is Osaka Flu

Osaka Flu is similar to Covid-19

Due to Osaka Flu, a global pandemic spreads across nations in the 1993 released episode “Marge in Chains”. Community transmission of the Osaka Flu from one place to another was happening. Homer and his family got infected from the package in which a Japanese factory worker coughed! The Flu spread from Japan to the town of Springfield and then to the entire America. There was no cure for it as it was in the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. It caused civil unrest and attacked the economy adversely.

Queen Of Dragon’s Volcanic Rage

The red dragon burning the town, Springfield.

Daenerys Targaryen with the aid of her dragon named Drogon burnt the King’s Landing into ashes in The Game of Thrones season eight-episode. The show showed it in their episode, “Serfsons” two years before the actual GoT episode aired on TV! Marge’s mother turned into Ice Walker. The only way to resurrect her was with illegal magic. In the ending scene, the town of Springfield was burnt by the flames of a red dragon-like Drogon!

Presidency Of Donald Trump

Lisa Simpson talking about Trump’s presidential budget!

In the episode released in 2000, “Bart to the Future” Lisa Simpsons talks about getting a large budget from President Donald Trump! It is inexplicable how a show could have predicted it seventeen years before Trump began his tenure!

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Bengt Holmstrom Received Nobel Prize

Bengt Holmstrom’s name is written for the Economics category.

In the 2010 episode “Elementary School Musical”, a document showed how Bengt Holmstrom was in the nominations and most probable to win the Nobel Prize for Economics! The prediction of the show was very accurate. In the year 2016, he indeed won the prize.

Travis Scott Astroworld Tragedy

Liam Ayson”s artwork was inspired by The Simpsons

An illustration by Liam Ayson inspired by The Simpsons is being circulated extensively by netizens after the Astroworld tragedy. The entrance gate to the festival looks like Travis Scott’s face. The gate is burning as if waiting for the death of people. Many actual clips of the show resemble the massacre. In one episode, Marge points out the Roofi concert she attended was very suffocating due to the neglect of music producers. In another episode, The Otto Show, unrest occurs in the audience as the band leaves early.

The show predicts that a zombie apocalypse will take place, do you believe it?

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