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Filmmaker and Composer Amakuno launches debut-EP Amorphous Birth on Vinyl and digital platforms and defines an intriguing artificial way to art



Filmmaker and composer Amakuno has announced the launch of his new EP Amorphous Birth on vinyl and across digital platforms this week.

The 20-year-old film composer who’s real name is Aniss Belkadi, produced his EP from Paris with his own recording studio during the lockdown earlier this year – including all electronic acoustics and instrumentals. 

Inspired by current global events and the impact the pandemic has had on people’s way of living, Amakuno’s debut EP touches on the themes of solitude, opposition and the union between the artificial and the natural. The EP also develops upon the post-classical genre, and the evolving contemporary musical genre that has risen to prominence in Europe. Evoking strong feelings of reflection, the debut album touches the listener at the deepest level, and takes us on a journey of discovering oneself.

Having studied cinema at the Sorbonne in Paris and film scoring at New York University in 2019, Amakuno has propelled his career in music composition in just a few short years. He also recently became the youngest graduate of film music composition at the prestigious École Normale de Musique in Paris. 

Mentored by industry veterans including Mark Snow, Béatrice Thiriet and Michael A. Levine who worked on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the young composer’s style can be defined as both melancholic with a subtle sense of clarity. His unique take on creating art through his polymath approach also defines his creativity and method of composition.

For the release of his new EP, the composer collaborated with MoMa artist Davor Vrankic to develop the cover art for his limited edition vinyls. Amakuno also wrote and directed several music videos for songs on the EP including ‘Solitude’ and ‘Rahma’ which can be viewed on YouTube.

Winner of Best Score at the Hollywood Art and Movie Awards 2020, and youngest nominee for Best Score and Best Composer at the P.A.M.A.s this year alongside a host of BAFTA-nominated Japanese composers – Amakuno has been defining his personal tastes on the world festival circuit through the expression of his music.

Listeners can learn more about the EP by visiting the composer’s website or checking out his social profiles. Limited edition vinyls for Amorphous Birth are also available to order online.

With this first release, Amakuno is taking the first step towards a promising future.

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