“I am against feminism.”

This statement would surely make you curious too, while we are still trying to empower women to get to an equal pedestal even for basic things. 

A viral video by Divyangna Trivedi titled “I am against feminism” has been receiving a lot of opposition from people.

Here’s why:

On 15th May, Divyangna Trivedi posted an 8-minute long video on her IGTV page with the title ‘I am against feminism’.


When she first posted the video she claimed that she would be open to criticism that are logical but her statement does not hold up at all.

“Your feminism is just about demeaning men and the supremacy of women over men”

– she says at the start of her video.  

She also claims that such “feminists” are the ones responsible for the gender divide and now are suppressing the male gender in the name of feminism;

Aapka toh word hi ‘Feminism’ hai feminine, men toh aaya hi nahi, toh aapka equality ka jo pillar tha main woh toh udd gaya hai.”

She then went on to say that, 

“hum apne beto ko toh seekha dete hai ‘respect women’ lekin hum apni beetiyon ko toh sikhate hi nhi ‘respect men also’.

In most parts of the country, women don’t even get the basic respect of a human being, so where were the “betas” who were taught to respect women when women are being cat-called or harassed?

She even made comments about how ‘men being raped’ or ‘men facing domestic violence’ aren’t given a voice and men are being suppressed.

To make her point she compared the “Manav case” to the “Nirbhaya case”. Yes, men do get assaulted and that needs to be recognized too but dismissing the massive violence and rape cases against women that still occur in huge numbers daily is no way to recognize men’s rights. 

She ended the video by calling the concept tainted and non-sensical and said,

yeh shabdh feminism ke naare lagana band karo, ‘humanism’ propAgate karo.”

Humanism and Feminism are two completely different ideologies and promoting feminism does not mean that you can’t propagate humanism.

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What were the reactions to her comments?

It didn’t take long before a good number of videos were made replying to Divyangna’s initial statement. 

Kusha Kapila, a popular social media personality, bashed her statements but then deleted her video saying that she does not want to give her any more attention than she already has. 

A few comments on her own video rejecting her claim received more than 350 likes.

Another video made by a girl named Anupreet Kaur (@damnkudi on Instagram) tried explaining every point word by word giving rational examples for every statement that Divyangna made, only to be given the same answer again and again.

The video also received support from a few people even though social media was filled with replies against her anti-feminist views.

Before long Divyangna made another video giving her response to all the arguments feminists made against her perspective, which enraged even more people.

A petition “to get Divyangna Trivedi’s parents to confiscate her phone” was started against her by a guy named Mehul Arora.

Many people in the comment section complained that they are being blocked and their comments are being deleted by her just because they don’t agree with her.

Even one of my friends got blocked by Divyangna when she tried to give her opinion on her recent post where she is providing “proof” for matriarchy. Her comments received more than 80 likes in less than 2 hours. 

She pointed out that Divyangna’s data contradicts her claim of equality and the widespread patriarchy highlights the very need of feminism.

She even convinced one of the guys in the comment section based on her facts and arguments, but Divyangna deleted it all showing how she isn’t open to any sort of criticism towards her views. 

The women’s development cell of Hindu College posted a message “for the girl against feminism” trying to explain to her the positive side of feminism and requesting her to understand their point of view as well.


Divyangna responded to this post with the following comment:

A point that many feminists have raised is that; some females might’ve got the environment and opportunities to achieve great lengths in their lives but many still struggle to get through a day where they are not being violated.

Just because a few females managed to get equal political rights it does not undo the years of patriarchal oppression females have been subjected to and are still having to suffer through. 

Feminism has been evolving over time and constantly improving to include more and more issues in its domain. Feminism has different meanings for different people.

After thousands of years of repression and patriarchy Feminism seeks to empower women to stand on an equal platform with men before they compete. The movement has grown over time and is not just about attaining equal political rights on paper but about outgrowing the social stereotypes too. 

In today’s scenario where everyone is entitled to an opinion, any message does not take long to get viral. But who will be held accountable if one opinion germinates the seeds of hate or starts a verbal take down online?

Do you support this girl’s claim that today’s feminism is tainted and completely flawed or do you think it is the process of evolution to be an even bigger movement?

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