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Felicia Jeffries Brings Biz Credit Movement With A Mission To Support Black & Minority Owned Businesses


Startup Fortune, December 23, 2020: The Biz Credit movement is an initiative set up by business expert Felicia Jeffries of Moore Financial Services. The movement seeks to provide support for small businesses across the United States to get the funding they need.

There is a constant struggle that stares in the faces of entrepreneurs setting out on a business venture, irrespective of the size or industry. While large corporations do not start without huge financial backing, smaller businesses may not be so fortunate. They have to compete with an established market of businesses that have become rooted in the sector in which the business specializes. It gets worse to the extent that the sort of values the small business is seeking to bring into the market does not see the light of the day because of lack of revenue and limited access to funding. There is a rallying cry to support small businesses with great visions. This is the call which the Biz credit Movement has risen to answer. 

Felicia Jeffries, the prime visionary of the Biz Credit movement, is an experienced paralegal who has had over 10 years of experience working with top business lawyers and firms across the United States. Her experience transcends the paralegal aspect of her profession as she has ample knowledge of what handling a business requires and the necessary triggers that may cause a business to spiral out of the control from an entrepreneur. She recognizes just how important the role of money can be to a business, if it is ever going to stand a chance of surviving and succeeding in the national global market. 

The Biz Credit Movement seeks to arm business owners with the necessary resources that will help them lift their ideas of the ground. Assisting with access to funding is not the only means of support, the initiative takes on the challenge of orienting minority business owners and helps them build the credibility they need in order to compete in their industry of choice. It will set up courses across several periods to imbue young entrepreneurs with the necessary skills. Mentoring and coaching that will be proved pivotal for businesses’ growth and long-term efficiency.

The Biz credit Movement is a revolution designed to lift the hopes of small business owners by providing access to funding for small businesses. It boasts a unique concept that recognizes the need of startups with a hands-on approach that embraces business owners in all circles of life— touching all and leaving none. The movement’s plans are to leave a trail of successful businesses in its wake as it aims to contribute to the local and national community. More details can be found at:

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