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Feel and cherish the love around you in every creature!




“He came running with his baby feet, played around and sat beside me looking for more biscuits”. Yes this cute little puppy in my college is so adorable, I couldn’t help falling in love with that little creature. God created beautiful landscapes and rejuvenating phenomena like rain and rainbow and many more things to enhance the beauty of this planet and then he created umpteen creatures who live here and enjoy the exquisite moments filled with something new. But every species do not understand the language of every other species. At least we humans cannot understand the language of other species on this planet except for the fact that it is an animated movie and here animals can converse in our own language. But these animals do understand the language of love, they value small gestures shown by us.

For example when you see that one colony dog who always barks at everyone else except that one guy who comes everyday with biscuits and then plays with him. Do you think biscuits are the reason behind this special treatment by this dog to this guy? The answer is NO. The compassion and affection shown by this man are responsible for this eternal bond generated between the two. Every animal has this behavioural trait of reciprocating once you assure them generosity.

Today, there are many people who understand this little mantra to every living being’s heart. But still there is a dearth of emotions in the heart of large number of people. Here I would like to share an incident which actually moved me. I met this girl in my college, she does not come regularly to college yet she has bought dog food for the street dogs around the college and she has made this a habit to feed these dogs whenever she comes to the college. Now you will say there was nothing extra ordinary about it anyone can do that, yes you are absolutely right but the sad part is no one actually does that. There are many who feed street dogs and other animals once or twice a week but is that enough? Will it be ok with you if you are given food twice a week? I’m not accusing of anything I just want you to understand this little fact that every creation of god is worthy of respect and love. Be kind to them. Life is short, love and be loved. It does not take much. Just take that one step and you will be amazed by the way your fellow beings change toward you and reciprocate in every possible manner. Always remember that they may not understand your words but the do understand the language of love.



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