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Sikkim & Gangtok. An insight on the state for the avid travellers.


The State of Sikkim known as the brother of the seven North Eastern sisters is a small state of India. With Nepal, China’s Tibet region and Bhutan as its neighbouring countries and West Bengal below it, the state is a landlocked region. Also called as the eighth sister to the rest of North Eastern sisters, it is one of the most beautiful places in India. With an economy thriving majorly on tourism, the place is a sure shot vacation destination.

Visiting Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim is the in thing. And why shouldn’t it be? With the state garnering high distinction as a holiday resort, more than 50 tourist spots to go to and the added loveliness of the hilly weather, no one can deny the chance of this vacation. The adjoining cities of the capital like Namchi and Kalimpong are a treat to the eyes as well.

Siddhesvara Dham 108 feet Shiva

Do you wish to visit the ‘char-dhams’ of India at one place? Sikkim gives you even this surprising golden opportunity. Opened in 2011 for the masses, Siddheshwar Dham is the place which lets you experience Badrinath, Dwarka , Jagganth Puri and Rameshwaram all at one destination. Having 108 feet lively magnificent statue of Lord Shiva with the replicas of four dhams and the 12 jyotirlings, the dream project of the CM, the place is promising amidst the breath taking surrounding.

mall road  Coming to the capital, Gangtok reflects a unique atmosphere with tradition    and modernity. It is one hell of a bustling place with as much as tourists as the  population. Alongside you find thousands of monasteries and temples with  timeless yet ornate architecture. Boasting of the best MALL ROAD which will  leave you bewildered, bemused and baffled. Unable to decide what to buy and  what to leave, one will end up emptying their pockets. SOFTIES and MOMOS  are omnipresent to content the famishing stomach. The cleanest road of India  with the whole city on the street is a sight you wouldn’t want to miss. One can  easily call it the Singapore of India with littering and spitting fined and no use  or sale of PLASTIC BAGS. SALUTE!! The place actually exists in India, go  check yourself.


A popular Buddhist pilgrimage, none of the monasteries can be missed out.  Each monastery has the perfect blend of colours for the walls, serene ambience and the silence you wouldn’t want to spoil, enclosed in it. The souvenir shops around provide ample opportunity to grab the specialty items of the place. Further the chance of dressing up in a long silky overcoat- the local dress of Gangtok.




Lake_TsomgoThe glacial lake of Sikkim, Tsongmo (Changu) lake is just 40 kilometres away from Gangtok at 12,400 ft. The lake is on one’s way to Nathu La pass, the border of China. Keep a day separate for this experience of yours. The lake’s cool, placid water synchronises with the captivating beauty around. You can actually ice skate on it during winters and the lake remains frozen up to mid- May. Yes even in May it’s a frozen one.

If you think the place satisfies only one part of yours, seeing scenic beauty then no, you are wrong. It is also an adventure sport area. With paragliding and rope way to give you the bird’s eye view of Gangtok, one is sure to find their heart beat at an abnormal rate.


cloudy football stadium

The football craze of Eastern India is known to all. When people can’t resist  playing football even during heavy rainfall and rather enjoy it most in rainy  weather a football stadium at a height of 1650 m is just an addition to the craze.  The football stadium of Gangtok looks great with mist and clouds playing  along with the team!!

Listing each attraction will take pages and pages. The above are some of the  ones to surely look out for. Relive your days at Gangtok if you have been able  to visit it and if not then plan a trip soon. The place has lots to offer and you  have lots to grab!! To all the photographers out there, a mesmerizing photo walk is on your plate.


  1. Sikkim second smallest state of India is very beautiful state. It is very popular for its monasteries, lakes, scenic mountains and beautiful landscapes in India and outside India. Your post is good effort for the people to know about this place and I am sure they are definitely going to visit this place after reading it.


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