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Fashion Trends & Style Tips For Spring 2016 From Bollywood Stylist & Designer


By Arpita Mahapatra 

Economy Decoded officially brings to you style tips from a professional designer and stylist for Bollywood– fashionista extraordinaire Chandni Sahu. –  She is a fashion designer, stylist, and blogger who has worked in the fashion, film and advertisement industry for years and emerged as one of the coolest, most grounded yet AWESOME fashionistas in India.


(Chandni Sahu)

In this exclusive interview, we’ll give you a sneak peek into the fashion industry, the latest styles for this year and recommended looks for everyone from chubby cuties to petite darlings.

Q. What is going to be the trendiest style for girls in 2016? 

 ‘Minimalistic’ is the word for females this year.

(Just as man buns are a ‘no no’ for guys!)


  • I feel high waisted denims are going to be seen in a major way.


  • Another trend that I feel is going to get popular would be calf length pleated skirts, both printed & plain.


  • Also, as we progress ahead in this year, suiting up & being androgynous is a trend that I foresee for females.


  • For college, plain v necks with a nice pair of denims are the most comfortable bargain.


  • Wearing printed summer dresses with a nice pair of anklets will never go out of fashion.


Q. How can one decide which look suits one’s body type?

  • Curvy with a tiny waist: accentuate your waist.

          What to wear: crop tops, pencil skirts, and wrap dresses paired with a belt or jacket.

  • Apple shaped body: highlight your shoulders and legs (instead of your midsection).

          What to wear: low waisted jeans or shift dresses.

  • Slim lower body, carrying weight around the middle: make your top half look larger, which in turn will make your waist seem smaller. Show off your slim legs!

         What to wear: Shirts with ruffles around the bust; a fitted skirt which will emphasize your curves and a short hemline which will highlight your legs.

  • Pear shaped body: draw attention to the smallest part of your waist and wear something that flares out over your hips.

         What to wear: Off shoulder is the best option whether it’s a dress or a top. A-line dresses and skirts are a good match for your body type.

Q. What is a sure shot method of being stylish and not getting lost in a crowd?  

 I feel one should focus on ‘styleand not so much on ‘trends’. One needs to follow a style in which one is comfortable rather than focusing so much on trends that might not suit you. For example, I feel Ranveer Singh definitely knows a sure shot method of standing out in a crowd. *Laughs*


Q. What was the most hilarious incident you remember while styling/designing?

On film sets, we have to carry walkie-talkies to coordinate with one another. That’s one instrument which is also a source of great entertainment as we, in a group, have the silliest conversations in code language and play the funniest pranks on others.


So that was it, folks! The fashion trends for 2016 and its paraphernalia!

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