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Fashion Industry Needs to Rethink, Reform Against COVID-19, Says MEDUSA Founder Sonal Jindal


Sonal Jindal, Founder/Director of MEDUSA and Managing Partner of MEDUSA Source, says in clear terms that the Indian fashion industry will need to rethink its production strategy and value quality over quantity, if it wants to come out of the current pandemic unscathed. She adds that the out-of-box thinking, like focus on just-in-time production is going to help the industry survive against the corona onslaught.
Sonal is the owner of MEDUSA, which is an exhibition and event management platform that showcases budding designers in different fields. Her birth into a family having deep roots in the hospitality industry instilled in her the business ethos right since the beginning. She has synchronized her ambition with her career so beautifully in the form of MEDUSA. Therefore, as an insider, she is in a better position to advise the Indian fashion industry regarding survival in these harsh times.
sonal jindal
When she was asked whether the fashion industry would survive the corona crisis, Sonal was emphatic while saying, “If the business world can move on from such catastrophic events like the World Wars 1 and 2 or the Spanish flu, it could surely move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic as well. All that is required is some out-of-the-box thinking!”
Elaborating upon just-in-time production, Sonal said that with the help of this method, businesses would be able to minimize time, labor and material requirements because they would be manufacturing & producing goods as and when needed.
She explains, “This would also entail maintaining a minimum amount of raw materials on-site, besides reducing the time between production and supply to a large extent.”
Producing goods in small batches will help the industry cut losses while ensuring a consistent supply chain to its customers.
At a time when the global impact of COVID-19 is going to hit hard the $2.5 trillion fashion industry, Sonal Jindal advocates ingenuity of thought to see itself through an immensely difficult phase.
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