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Fahad Zuberi shares how he acquired knowledge and became a successful entrepreneur



Entrepreneurship is about searching for a change, responding to it and creating an opportunity. Entrepreneur Fahad Zuberi, is one of those entrepreneurs who believes that there are no limitations on what you can be, have, or do. You have to see failure as the beginning and middle, but you never need to entertain it as an end. 

The serial entrepreneur Fahad Zuberi is a notoriously hard worker and has been known for his passion projects and enterprises. He has a background in Journalism and has also completed a Masters in Business, but entrepreneurship has shaped his entire life. He shares that entrepreneurship is in his blood, Fahad’s father was an entrepreneur as well and this intrigued him throughout childhood.

Life is not easy as it looks and it is not simple as you think, all good things in life require a little bit of time and effort. Fahad out of college started his own business of entertainment. He first partnered up with his close friend Taha Rizvi who believed in Fahad’s vision and decided to risk his livelihood of being a loan officer and pursue an entrepreneurship parted shop with Fahad. At first the business Ventures were creative such as an acting school and a senior citizen entertainment business. This soon led Fahad to meet his soon to be mentor Nick Patel this person owned a nationwide tanning salon chain called LA Tan. As Fahad got to work with other successful people, Fahad got well connected with plenty of people and this made Fahad’s business ventures even bigger in no time.

Fahad shares that the first thing to do is to master something. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but it is important that you develop a skill that is extremely useful and ideally caters to the people who you want to surround yourself with. Fahad was owner and partner of several tanning salons, restaurants, marketing business, and a nationwide photo booth business. All of this happened for Fahad because of a few people that he met along the way.

Fahad believes that real success in entrepreneurship comes from being a leader that believes in giving. If a team working for you is happy they will perform to the best of their ability. Today’s Fahad’s businesses do over a million dollars in sales a year, all of his ideas are creative ideas, which he did not invest much money into, instead he used his creativity to keep building with his team and continues to build today. The biggest lesson is in order to be a successful entrepreneur you need to acquire knowledge whether that comes from books or people you meet on your journey. Fahad’s father always told him one thing which he says he believes in, it might be someone’s else’s time today, but your time will come so don’t dwell on what isn’t, instead focus on when your time of success is going to come.

Fahad was lucky in the people that he met were all people that believed in his vision and only helped him grow. Today Fahad’s focus is on his nationwide photo booth and events business ( Photo Booth Deals) which he runs with his partners Taha Rizvi and Zohair Sultan, his tanning salons, and the medical ppe business he started during the pandemic with his brother Saad Zuberi, as well as a marketing and consulting business with Hassan Lakhani, and Fahad currently also runs a non profit with his business partners Taha rizvi and Hassan Lakhani called Live To Give, the organization works on creating filtered water systems in areas around the world that need it. 

In business, Fahad says it is important to adapt with any circumstance life brings you and it’s always important to have a backup plan. Fahad also has a music and entertainment background which has shaped Fahad to know that failure only leads to success. He says the best thing one can do is learn from your mistakes and experiences. In the last decade my experiences good and bad have shaped me as the entrepreneur and leader that I am as well as the one I would like to become. Never stop learning. 

If entrepreneurs like Fahad Zuberi are sitting in the shade today because he planted a tree a long time ago. If you have a creative idea and would like to pitch it to Fahad or if you simply seek business advice you can contact Fahad Zuberi yourself. He can be followed on his insta handle @fahadzuberi_

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