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Experience The Home Search Process Like Never Before With The Supercool Portal Of HDFC RED


Home is a place where you stay with people that drive you crazy one moment and make you feel special the next. It is your refuge from the world, a place where you feel safe and can be your own 100% self. But when it comes to buying a house, the experience has always been synonymous with words like loathsome and tiring.Cue HDFC Red. Saving you from the hassles of useless site visits to getting tricked by an agent, HDFC Red acts as your knight in the shining armour.

Born in 2010 under India’s leading mortgage lender, HDFC limited, HDFC Red is a home discovery and buying portal for home seekers to access all information relevant to every step of the home buying process. For now, HDFC Red is present in over 20 cities of our nation and a database of over 24,000 types of properties.

HDFC RED hleps you find "your" kind of place
HDFC RED helps you find “your” kind of place

One of its most important features is Priority Search. It is a logically crafted tool which comes in handy when the users want to prioritize their preferences. With the help of this feature, users can easily view properties as per their order of preferences be it developers in Mumbai or properties in Hyderabad. Each property also has a relevance score and feedback mechanism which is the result of the choices selected by the user. Apart from this, the gamified interface as well as the card design architecture are user-friendly and help users achieve information in a very simplified manner.

It helps you figure out what is important to you
It helps you figure out what is important to you

People at HDFC Red believe in getting the users, the home buyers, exactly what they want. With ease being the essence of everything they have to offer, what is better than providing the clients with a user-friendly website and an even better app that is convenient to use and takes users a step forward to their dream home?

Beginning from their huge database to their presence in 23 major cities of India and combining all of that with a gamified interface and card design architecture, HDFC Red is all you need to make your house hunting experience as easier and smooth has silk. Whether you are searching for new projects in Pune or luxury villas in Chennai, the options are simply extensive. And if that wasn’t enough, it composes of meaningful technological innovations and design that are enough for you stay glued to your chairs. Because, well, why go out when you can work from home right?

The compact card based design helps in viewing your dream house better

Another thing that you should totally check out is the HDFC Red Application. This app is your way to over 7000 New Builder Projects with 24000+ different types of properties. Be it villas or Apartments, the app has it all! From images to floor plans to amenities and most importantly, EMIs, the app has all the information that you would need..and even more.

Not forgetting about our basic needs of education, hospitals, travel and clothes, the app is nothing but a saviour in disguise. It gives you all the information about on social amenities around the project like the nearby Schools, Medical Facilities or Shopping centres. Trains and  Metros aren’t left behind either.

HDFC Red is the new simpler way of finding “your” kind of place

Your needs get more customised when the Unbiased Personalized Property Display comes into the picture. Relevance Score (a score given to each property on the basis of your needs) and Feedback Report (a report explaining why any property is more suited than others) are features that enhance the uniqueness of this portal.

It comes with a relevance meter that provides closest options to your needs

The HDFC Red Website is something that cannot be ignored either. Apart from everything the app has to offer, there are some uber-cool features which the users can only avail on the website. Knowing Special Deals available for the projects in the city you live in obviously give you an upper hand over others. The HDFC Home Loan Calculator and the online Application Facility should be enough to make this experience a piece of cake for you. And to add to all of these, the website offers Neighbourhood insights to the users in Bangalore city (though we are sure the others cities would be getting this feature soon). Now, could this get any better?

To sum up, the need of the hour is to bring the joy that is associated with the art of Home Buying back. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the amazing creation of God, that is the HDFC Red App.

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