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Evolution Of Rakshabandhan: A Picture Story


“Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.”

Susan Scarf Merell

Every year we celebrate the auspicious relationship of brother and sister with full enthusiasm and joy.

The festival of Rakshabandhan has evolved with passage of time in multiple ways.

ED presents to you a picture story highlighting various aspects of the Evolution Of Rakhi.

  1. How It All Started?

The festival of Rakshabandhan traces back to the evergreen saga of Lord Krishna and Draupadi. Draupadi considered Krishna as her brother and prayed him with utmost devotion. Krishna swore to protect her come what may. They reflected a real brother sister relationship. Hindu mythology says that their relationship gave a kick-start to the festival of Rakhi.


Continuing this auspicious legacy, sisters today tie rakhis on their brothers’ wrists considering them to be their soulmate, their god and most importantly their rakshak! The beauty and the essence of this relationship has remained intact since Draupadi and Krishna’s time.


  1. Not Just A Brother-Sister Festival Anymore. What Else Then?

With time, there has been a twist in the tale of Rakshabandhan. Known as a brother-sister festival, no one ever thought that it might someday turn to a sister-sister festival as well.

Got any girl friends who don’t have brothers?

Yes yes yes!

Do they celebrate rakhi?

Yes, why not! They tie rakhis to each other. Is not a sister as special as a brother?  


The generation today has set new domains. Restricting rakhi to a brother sister festival has been surpassed by sisters tying rakhis to each other considering the fact that they are capable to protect each other in worst situations! India is seeing a stronger girl generation for sure.

  1. Rise Of Exuberant Market Places. No such zeal in the 90’s for sure!

Riding high on rakhi fever, market places these days are beautifully decorated to compliment the festive mood. Colourful rakhis hanging and on display are the main attraction of the shops. The 90’s era never saw such enthusiasm for rakhi in the markets. It used to be a subtle affair which has now transformed into an ostentatious business for shopkeepers. Flash colours of rakhis, and the customers will follow for sure!


  1. Undoubtedly Rakhi Designs Have Come A Long Way.

From coloured dhagas to overdone rakhis and then back to dhagas and sober rakhis is what describes the evolution in the design of rakhis.

Handmade Dhagas:


Large Sized Overdone Rakhis:


Subtle, Sober designs:



Amongst all this we saw the rise of the Most Loved Design Of Rakhis: The Toy Rakhi. A rakhi depicting favourite cartoon characters has taken seat in the minds of kids and all my younger brother expects from me every year is his favourite cartoon character rakhi. After Doraemon, Chhota Bheem, Spiderman, I await his demand for this year. I have made strong guesses this time though.

P.s. I hope the demand is easily available : P     


Last on the evolution list will be,

  1. The Rise Of Rakhi Business.

An important festival which has gradually become a flourishing business in terms of rakhi gifts, designer rakhis, rakhi advertisements, rakhi songs, rakhi decorations and what not!

The festival has surely evolved into a promising business prospect. Designer rakhi dealers are playing with cash. Cadbury celebrations (the trademark rakhi gift) has its pockets full. The festival has become a plaything for advertisers to stock abundant money! This commercial evolution has been a boon for many though.


Summing up, the festival has undergone an insanely prosperous evolution. Having unfolded the most important aspects of evolution of this festival, we at ED leave you to think of more such exciting aspects which might just be an extra coating of the sugary syrup on the cake!




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