The power of branding cannot be overlooked as the maximum number of people prefer settling on brands rather than trusting any random company. Therefore, companies go through a lot of hustle and bustle to build an unforgettable brand image in the customer’s mind. 

However, companies are now taking new highways to build a strong brand and social media is one way. Entrepreneur and Influencer Prasad Nagarkar strongly believe that influencer marketing is a strong tool to build a brand.

Social Media has changed the way brands present themselves. By using precise strategy and being consistent, brands manage to engage a tremendous amount of Target Audience through social media platforms. Also, social media has helped boost brand awareness like no other platform.

“The emergence of influencer marketing has just amplified the process of branding. The influencers have become the face of the brands on digital platforms,” said Prasad Nagarkar. 

By picking the right face for their brand, companies establish a strong bond with their prospective customers. Prasad also believes that brands accumulate a huge target audience than before as the followers of the influencer are also discerning the product, they are also aware of the brand and might consider the brand while shopping.   

Also, branding is promising for the influencers as a few followers may become a part of their social family too. Therefore, social media branding generate a huge platform with a myriad of customers and follower for both, the brand and the influencer. 

“People’s trust in social media platforms has motivated the brands to pitch themselves through influencers. Since followers but their belief in the influencer, they find the brands relevant too,” said Prasad Nagarkar. 

Parsad Nagarkar is himself an influencer and an entrepreneur. The owner of SS Nagarkar Jewellers is a famous name in Pune. Therefore, he understands the integrity of both the influencer market and the brands.



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