An England-based news and media organization (People News Chronicle or PNC) has recently started its operations. The organization aims to reach its audience by providing the latest news and trends through its website

The organization will primarily develop its news by collecting citizens’ submissions. Citizens will be actively involved through the provision of their views and opinions as well as events happening around them. Citizen-oriented content/ citizen voice will be received through the contact email or contact form which will be reviewed by the authors, and if approved it will be published to the website.

Above this, People News Chronicle has a team of journalists and writers who collect news and prepare them ready for publishing. Shivam Bangwal, Founder, shared a list of their current staff. They are;

  1. Aldous McEwan
  2. Emily Castillo
  3. Ethan Hansen
  4. Robin Herman
  5. Sharon
  6. Shivam Bangwal
  7. Simone 

It was also established that the writers are hired permanently at the organization. They are paid for the writing work as well as analyses of citizens’ views and submissions.

The website intends to publish the latest news and trends in the markets, politics, global breaking news, technology, science, business, among others. The founder also points out that the organization will dedicate some considerable time to covering Bollywood movies and TV shows by collaborating with Youthistaan (India based news snd media organisation).

Online News Sites play a significant role in educating and informing people with the latest updates and current happenings around the globe. People don’t have far more time to read the printed newspaper with yesterday’s happening. This makes them prefer following web portals or electronic media to get updated with current events. It remains to be seen what PNC will offer the ever-growing audience searching for online news sources.



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