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In the world of cheesy Indian soap operas established by the legendary Ekta Kapoor (a female and Indian equivalent to Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige), we give you the ultimate gladiator match this year: Tulsi vs Parvati, in a bid to decide that which one of these ladies was the better bahu (daughter-in-law) in the enigmatic world of soap operas.

It’s about pride, respect, bragging rights and other random shit like “maan”, “mariyaada” and all that uptown funk.

Two bloggers from ED Times (including yours truly) shall be discussing about the adventures and shenanigans of these legendary bahus and we shall leave the final verdict up to you.

Here we go:

Perspective 1: 

Over the course of its existence, the Indian soap opera industry has had one common theme throughout, that of the ‘bahu’, around who the entire opera revolves. Now, two bahus have been more than iconic, Tulsi from ‘Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ and Parvati from “Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki’.

And IMHO, Parvati was way, way better.

~Blogger Tanmay Mehra

Alright, first of all, Parvati did not kill anybody, directly or indirectly. I mean, people kept dropping around Tulsi like flies. Poor Mihir died and came back so many times, that by the end of the show, he was practically a zombie. Just one more death and she would have turned Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi into The Walking Dead.

Secondly, to this day, I cannot, for the love of god, understand the Virani family tree. Tulsi had so many sons/daughters/step children that it’s hard to keep track.

I am pretty sure that had the show continued, some long lost step son would have found a daughter in the Virani home and fallen in love with her and then would have realized “This is not Game Of Thrones, can’t do incest here”.

Point is, the story-line is too convoluted.

Parvati’s scene on the other hand, is much more sorted. With just one child exchange and a simple rivalry between 4 brothers. The story-line is much easier to follow and enjoy.

Tulsi is basically a bad luck charm, everything she touches tends to mess up. All her children fight and try to kill each other. She even kills this guy Ansh, who although committed marital rape and was being prosecuted (by a lawyer who was fond of Mihir), Tulsi still shot him.

That’s probably because she knew that the lawyer wasn’t going to do anything (Because she was busy with Mihir).

So, Tulsi is basically a murdering bad luck charm who gets a LOT of people killed. Parvati, on the other hand is a simple, middle class girl who tries to resolve conflicts and just makes sure that everybody gets along, even when their children have been interchanged.

For all these reasons, I hereby support Paravti in this epic Tulsi Vs Parvati debate.

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Moving on, to the other side of the story:

Perspective 2: 

“She has killed 2 people on the show and she just so happens to be a real-life member of Parliament. You just don’t mess with Tulsi.”

~ Blogger Sahib Singh

A woman who’s responsible for the well-being of a family of about 50 people (God damn), the Tulsi vs Parvati battle clearly edges Tulsi Virani as the winner.

The woman shot her own stepson for raping his wife, for Christ’s sake. That’s the kind of balls no woman has shown on TV and speaks volumes about her temperament. She accepted her husband’s illegitimate son with his mistress as her own and then got him married, too. Wowza!

Furthermore, she killed her own mother-in-law. Okay, that sounds twisted but she actually killed her by pulling the ventilator plug as part of a mercy-killing issue.

And most importantly, Tulsi Virani can cook a mean fafda, a round thepla and a perfectly moist dhokla.

So listen Parvati, and listen well. Your home-making skills, no matter how proficient can’t compete with a bahu like Tulsi who’s a professional Gujarati halwaai by day (cooking for a family of 50) and a cold-blooded killer by.. also day, BECAUSE SHE IS SANSKAARI.

Moving on, what amazes me the most about this Tulsi vs Parvati battle is the longevity of both the women but be that as it may, Tulsi edges this aspect of the battle too.

She has battled off one main chick (Mandira) and one side chick (Meera Singhania) to reclaim her husband Mihir Virani and stay with him for more than 30 years whereas you modern basic chicks can’t even hold on to a single man for 4 weeks.

And in the midst of all that, she has raised about 5-8 grand-kids and further adopted even more kids, giving serious competition to the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. What did you do Parvati? Oh, wait. Nothing.

So for being a total bad-ass bahu who won’t hesitate in pulling the trigger (or the plug, HAHAHAHA), we believe that the Tulsi vs Parvati battle has only one clear winner, and that my friends is Tulsi Virani.


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