In An Era Of Body Shaming & Size 0, Watch How Many Leading Ladies Are Size 6+ Making Curvy Figures Popular

From the era of ancient Greco-Roman sculptures to Raja Ravi Varma paintings, right down to more modern icons like Marilyn Monroe and Kate Winslet, curvaceous bodies have always been seen as beautiful and sensual.

However, with the rise of the size 0 trend, people seem to favour slender, boyish figures over womanly bodies, and go to any extent to achieve this, even if it means compromising on their health.

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Let us take a walk through history to see the evolution of women’s “ideal” sizes, and bring back the spotlight on curves, which are largely deemed “undesirable” today.


It is unfortunate that the concept of size 0 has led to intense body shaming in the 2000s, leading women to veer away from their natural beauty. Natural curves are a sign of good health, and have been a symbol of sensuality for centuries- here’s hoping they don’t fade away.

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