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Effective Communication In Social Media: What Media Trainer Andrea Bosetti Recommends To Reach Your Goals


Although social media are a means of communication, not all people or companies yet manage to realize the power and impact of these as part of their environment. Even more so, the importance of effective communication within the digital environment. Elements such as those provided by Andrea Bosetti and his team at Digital Marketing Mind, allow us to have a greater perception of this issue.

Andrea Bosetti’s passion and dedication to marketing is not a subject that he started recently. In fact, from a very young age, this entrepreneur was linked to issues associated with public relations. From event management to carrying out his ventures.

However, it was in 2013 when he gave way to his biggest project, Coverstore, a brand of cell phone accessories, which managed to expand to more than 100 branches. Its initial budget was 9,000 euros and later its turnover multiplied by more than 12,000 euros. In this process, Bosetti was the marketing director and founder.

After selling Coverstore in 2018, Bosetti continued with his passion for digital marketing, this time with all the necessary experience to give other entrepreneurs and people the possibility to learn how effective communication in social media can bring more potential to a brand.

It is from this moment that Digital Marketing Mind was born, a specialized social academy where Andrea, together with a group of experts in the field, provides theoretical and practical knowledge in events and through virtual classrooms on digital marketing issues.

About 700 companies were trained during 2019 with the programs and workshops offered by the academy, whose focus is the growth and constant return on investment.

Personal brand: an indispensable tool

One of the elements that Bosetti considers most important is to show the importance of the personal brand to achieve the desired objectives and positioning. In particular, the management of its personal brand has allowed it to grow exponentially.

All this, carrying out partnerships with brands such as Juventus, Disney, Warner Bros., among other multinational companies that have given him great value in his professional career.

Practice and operations

It ensures that any communication process within the digital environment must be based on practice and operability. In other words, it must pursue a clear objective and provide the necessary elements for it to be fulfilled as the steps are carried out.

It also points out that keeping the focus on an objective will allow the path to be followed more clearly to achieve it and to achieve the indicated positioning.

Accuracy and consistency

The communication work within social media stands out for being successful and widely effective. In none of the aspects, we talk about a fast or simple process. What it means is that it is arduous work that requires, above all, precision and constancy.

For Andrea, social media are powerful tools, as long as they are handled properly, this requires a process of analysis and mapping, which will trace the route that each company or person must follow to achieve their objectives. He points out that each of these techniques will allow him to see results in greater volume.

However, consistency is a key element. Nothing will happen if you work in social media one day and not the next. The intention to communicate must be permanent to guarantee its effectiveness.

Maintain a clear vision

Andrea assures that maintaining a clear and precise focus will allow him to move forward more effectively in the search for results. He emphasizes that his experience has allowed him to understand the importance of staying focused on his goals and following his instincts.

This is why he emphasizes the need to always move forward by trusting his goals and focusing his mind on them.

Each of these techniques and many others is part of the seven workshops and more than 80 videos that are part of the Digital Marketing Mind. Currently, Bosetti is considered a great influence among social media trainers. Nowadays he works to double the number of people trained in his company together with his team of collaborators.

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