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After a year of enduring the darkness that COVID-19 had cast upon the world, the vaccine finally came in to be the only beacon of hope when 2021 began. Bharat Biotech launched its first successful vaccine – COVAXIN – and has already managed to administer it to many citizens in India, on a priority basis.

As aforementioned, the government’s vaccine procedure has been intricately planned based on priority groups – with health care workers and other related professionals being the first ones to receive the vaccine shot at no cost.

Yasha Chittora, a student from RNT Medical College, Rajasthan

The first identified group includes doctors, nurses, ASHA workers and MBBS students. Everyone in the field, irrespective of whether they have the Aadhar card or not, were required to receive it via eVIN (Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network).

The vaccination drive began on January 16, and within 18 days, India has been able to vaccinate around 45% of its health workers (only first round), which accounts for more than 4 million people.

It’s an awe-inspiring feat by the Indian government, considering how countries such as the UK and USA took 39 and 20 days to achieve the same task, respectively.

While we wait to receive the vaccine as per the government’s directive, curiosity may lead us to wonder how the vaccine experience would feel.

Since many MBBS students have already received the vaccine shot, we at ED Times, asked seven medical students to share their experience about the entire procedure and how it felt before and after taking it.

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However, there are many students who haven’t received the vaccine yet, as their universities are still administering it to doctors and frontline workers first.

While taking the vaccine seems like a daunting task, it’s quite an impressive feat for our future doctors to have taken it already and shared their experiences with us, so that we can have a much less frightening and smoother experience of taking the vaccine in the upcoming months!

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Sources: Times of India, MoneyControl, Hindustan Times

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