ED Talks: Candid Conversations With Abhay Deol

ED Talks is a segment where we reach out and have an honest chat with people who matter. And more often than not, these people are icons from across industries.

For this chapter of ED Talks, we have with us (drumrolls) the very man who has mastered himself in the indie of B-Town, way before it was in vogue. Yes, you read that right, it’s none other than the very talented actor and producer – Abhay Deol!

As overwhelmed as I was, it all washed away the moment he joined me in conversation. The man is still the charming boy we had first known from Socha Na Tha, only wiser or “older with more experience” as he puts it. 

Over the years, he has given us some stunning performances – movies that we still keep going back to, be it out of nostalgia or just the will to watch (or re-watch) something great.

Given below is an extremely frank conversation we had with him, as he shares the lessons he has learned and the opinions he has formed over the 16-year journey in Bollywood!

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Though we don’t see the man on-screen as frequently as we did till a few years back, he has promised us that we will keep seeing him every now and then, with some exciting narrative as always. 

We had a great time chatting with you Abhay and we thank you for giving us time.

Stay tuned for more exciting interviews upcoming in this segment. Till then, let us know what’s your favorite ‘Abhay Deol’ character in the comments section.

Interview Conceptualised By: @Sriya54171873

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