Dubai Princess Talks About Father’s Supposed Tyrannical Crimes In Video before Disappearing

Dubai is considered to one of the best tourist destinations for both those on a budget or those with huge coffers full of money. Its sprawling buildings, shopping arenas and more exciting things surely pull in the crowds.

But this video, allegedly by the daughter of Dubai’s ruler and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Saeed Al Maktoum paints a very different picture of life in Dubai and mainly the life of a woman in the Dubai royalty.

According to various reports, Sheikha Latifah (33), had escaped from Dubai for the second time after a previous unsuccessful attempt that led to her being imprisoned and tortured after she lent support to her sibling Shamsa al Maktoum who also had run away from her family and country.

But the princess as per news sites has gone missing after making a shocking video from the coast of Goa, with her last communication being to Radha Stirling, her representative in the UK who works for ‘Detained in Dubai’ on March 4th around 4.30 pm when she sent a WhatsApp message to Stirling about how she and her friend were “surrounded by men” and they were firing at them.

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‘Detained in Dubai’ is a UK based legal firm that works for those experiencing problems with UAE and when Latifah contacted them in February they made sure to verify her identity. “The email ID was confirmed by her friend and mutual contacts including a solicitor in Britain,” Stirling told NDTV.

Latifa starts off the video by giving a count of how many sisters and brothers she has and how there are 3 Latifas and 2 Mariams and how she has 30 siblings because,

“ I had to say this in case this video is discredited in any way that no, there is a Latifah there and a Latifa there. There’s 3 Latifahs, I’m one of them. I’m the middle Latifah”

“I’m making this video because it could be the last video I ever make. Pretty soon I’m going to be leaving somehow and I’m not so sure of the outcome but I’m 99% positive it will work”

On her father, Latifah commented that,

“all my father cares about is his reputation. He will kill people to protect his own reputation ”

While telling the story of how she was imprisoned and then beaten and tortured she said,

“they told me that your father told us to beat you until we kill you. That’s his orders, your father’s orders. Your father, the ruler of Dubai, that’s what he said. So all of this public image that he’s trying to portray, human rights is bullshit. He’s the most evil person I’ve ever met in my life. He’s pure evil. There is nothing good in him.”

“he’s responsible for so many people’s deaths and ruining so many people’s lives”

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When recounting exactly how long she was imprisoned for attempting to escape her country,

“so in total, I was in prison for 3 years and 4 months. I went in June 2002 and I came out in October 2005”

Even after she was released from prison, Latifah said in the video that,

“I am very restricted, and cannot even go to another emirate without permission. I have not left Dubai since 2000”

She finished the video with an ominous,

“If I don’t make it out, I hope that some change will come”

The ruler of Dubai has always been taken in a very positive light, especially his approachable nature, his work on human rights, building Dubai into what it is now and more, seldom has anyone anything bad to say about him.

Thus, this makes it even more important to clear up the validity of this video and what exactly is happening so that neither is it misleading nor is it hiding any wrongdoings in Dubai by the rulers.

As per news sources, the UK Met Police said all information about Latifah and her friend has been sent forward to Interpol and the National Crime Agency for further investigation.

In order to clarify, all the information is based on the sources that have been listed below and no official statements have till yet been given out by the Dubai authorities, however, Sun Online has reached out to the Dubai government for comments and are still awaiting it.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: NDTV, New York Post, The Sun 

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