It’s common knowledge that every time JK Rowling emerges from the abyss and says, “Jump,” Potterheads around the world will ask, “How high?”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) emerged out of the blue, star-studded with the delightful Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston as Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein respectively, and temporarily quenched the searing thirst for the wizarding world left after the Harry Potter series of books and movies ended.

Now that the trailer of the second gem in the Fantastic Beasts series [The Crimes of Grindelwald (TCoG)] has dropped on Pottermore, thrilling generations of Potterheads, here is a list of things we liked in the first Fantastic Beasts Movie, and things we look forward to in the second.

The Positives of the First Film

The first movie in the series was instantly captivating- not surprising, considering the fact that the script came directly from the hands of our Lord and Savior JK Rowling, and was completely unaffected by cuts and adjustments for the silver screen.

Each character was beautifully spun, with their own idiosyncrasies and mannerisms- be it the adorably clumsy Newt, the guarded Tina, happy-go-lucky Queenie, or the No-Maj (an American term for Muggle) Jacob, just bumbling along and trying to comprehend what his magical companions were up to.

Everyday I’m Nifflin’

What to Look Forward to in the Second

The Crimes of Grindelwald brings us two major new characters- a young Albus Dumbledore and Newt’s ex-flame, the mysterious Leta Lestrange. While Jude Law looks dashing as Dumbledore trying to subtly restrain his mirth in situations relating to mishaps with Newt, not much is known about Leta, who will probably pose a threat to Newt and Tina’s budding romance.

Other things to look forward to in the new Fantastic Beasts movie are Jacob and Queenie’s budding romance, the probable restoration of Jacob’s memories, as the trailer shows him and Newt interacting in a magical setting, and of course, the Fantastic Beasts themselves (especially the Niffler, who spawned a fan following of memes on Tumblr).

New Settings

In keeping with the mysterious tweet by JK Rowling when asked about how many movies the series will have (she replied with the word “five” in five different languages, including French, German, and Spanish), a significant portion of the second movie in the series seems to have been shot in France.

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Newtina Forever

Loose Ends to be Tied Up?

The first movie had a supposed happy ending, but when looked at carefully, one can find several loose ends. The first one is that even though Grindelwald has been temporarily quelled, he is more than capable of breaking out of the grip of MACUSA and continuing with his campaign of terror on the wizarding world.

Second, the fate of Credence Barebone remains a question mark. Even though he was overwhelmed by his Obscurus and supposedly killed in the first movie, the official script released by JK Rowling stated that the remaining wisps of his Obscurus floated away, searching for its host, which leaves the door open for his reappearance. But whether the Obscurus will come back as Credence or with a new host remains to be seen.

A Darker Journey…

Right from the costumes to the settings to the seeming urgency that underlies the atmosphere in the trailer, we can sense that things are getting serious in the wizarding world, and the second installment won’t be all fun and games.

Whatever happens, TCoG promises to be a darker rollercoaster ride than FBAWTFT, and we Potterheads are waiting with bated breath for November 2018, our tissues ready for the inevitable tears when we hear the wizarding theme music again…

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Sources: Pottermore, Wikipedia, Time Magazine

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  1. Well he only thing which is a biggg turndown for this movie would be, as stated in the book by holy jk rowling was dumbledore was infact attracted to grindelwald, but jk pro homosexual rowling backed out to express this view in the movie lol! And even they casting fking Johnny depp in this movie, which is the worst thing that could happen lol..

    • I know right? Wish they’d cast someone else. I personally would have liked Benedict Cumberbatch. Except he would make a really weird looking blond.


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