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DU Ne Cut-Offs Ko Cut-Off Kardiya: Ab To Band Bajega


DU either is or is going to be the bane of many of our existence. The pressure of getting into this so called prestigious university is immense, however the lightning fast raising cut-offs are sure to put a steady roadblock for many of us.

During the last admission year, I was pretty sure that next year we would only see cut-off being in 99, 99.2, 99.3 and so on category. With the odd college or two having their cut-off in 80s or something.

But the latest announcement by DU is something that can either go very well, finally bringing some quality to DU or DU only can royally screw it up and make the lives of a few lakh poor souls utterly miserable.

The news is that DU is apparently planning to introduce entrance exams for undergraduate admission and for some as early as this year only, meaning 2017.

We had already told you some time back, that there would be a joint entrance test for B. Comm course in DU, but perhaps they are taking it a bit too seriously and have plans to introduce it for almost every course offered in DU.


Real Good Idea DU. But Is It?

Okay, objectively and theoretically speaking, an entrance exam sounds like a pretty good idea.

No seriously. But alas, if only DU was the type to correctly carry out new systems well and well… their past track records doesn’t really instill much faith in me.

Because to be honest, an entrance exam would be great for a university of DU’s prestige as we all know that CBSE marks are a literal and metaphorical joke and increasingly no matter how high marks you get, even students with marks as high as 95 or so are finding it extremely difficult to get admission into a good college.

So in that respect, an entrance test and doing away with the cut-off system, should ensure equality and a fair chance for students to compete for a good seat at a good college.

It would also work well to weed out the insincere or unworthy students who generally just apply to DU because they want that tag.

So let us take a look at the positives and negatives of this decision eh?

What Are The Positives You Ask:

– Equal ground for all students. With 80% weight-age being given to entrance exam and 20% to CBSE board exams, it might even out the playing field a bit.

– Weeds out the incapable idiots

– Entrance exams for different courses will ensure that only students interested in that subject are given a seat instead of being the safe bet for someone else

– Raises the standard of the DU on the whole

– Admission on aptitude in that field instead of how high marks one has gotten.

Let’s Get On With The Negatives, Shall We:

– DU itself and their inability to implement their schemes which unfortunately will make many students lives miserable

– Reservation will once again give an unfair advantage over general category.

– Applying to multiple courses will become frankly impossible as two entrances might be on the same day, and so the student will only be able to appear for one of them.

– Very few seats. Basically, there are only 54,000 or so seats while over 2 lakh students apply from over the country.

– Preparation for the entrance test over the Board exams will add undue pressure on the student.

And these are just a few that I can think of at the moment. There might be more problems that students will face if the notion of entrance tests gets passed.

Let us just hope for the best and do tell me in the comments section what you think of this decision and what can be done to make sure it is the best for the students and DU both.

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