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Drink it in seconds. Feel it in minutes. Lasts for hours


By Aishwarya Kochar



The busy city has its people starting off  their lives and works early, even the environment has to follow its rule and not soon does the absurd heat starts to pinch your skin even when the blazing sun has not reach overhead, and torment your throat. You feel like choking if not given water and here are the quick drinks which the delhi-ites use, most probably drink often maybe before, after or during their way to college, office, relatives’ place or even to a hangout etc.

1. Soda : And here comes tasty, chirpy , minimum 5 maximum 10 (figures could vary in different places) rupees drink that gives a sweet  and quick burning sensation as soon as it hits the mouth taking away all the  dryness our mouth was harboring for hours and some of the flavors even tastes like the best medicines we have ever had.

2. Shikangi :  Shikangi has scored the second position in the list , which is a nimbo paani cum masala drink which actually cools down your mouth and even your burning head.


3. Mango Shake : Comes the summer and here came the king of fruits , delhi-ites generally prefer to drink a mango shake rather than eating it raw and mango shake is definitely the most liked shake amongst all other shakes.

Mango milkshake upload

4. Coke : diet coke, pepsi , mountain dew , limca etc falls in this category , the cold drinks (as we say it) are available at every place and at any hour of the day and thus delhi-ites are often seen asking at the shops, “ Bhaiya, Ek thandi cold drink dena”. “ Nahi bhaiya yeh thandi nahi hai , dursi bottle dikhana”.

5. Lassi : Lassi’s are not  available everywhere and are a bit costly which  eventually brings it to this position but cold lassi  with a pinch of kesar are definitely a delight for our mouth.

Image Source: Flickr

6. Ganne ka juice/ Fruit juice: And here comes the juices which are not packed but are sold open, prepared on spot and served on spot as healthy and delicious and serves its purpose of quenching thirst very elegantly.

7. Naarial Paani :  Who says naarials or naarial paani are only liked by south Indians, our north Indians are not behind in showing their interest and thus likeness for this drink which are sold on thelas. Generally big and green in colour, thele waala cut its top with a heavy curved knife and serves it  around rupees 30 each ( figures could vary in different places).

fresh cut green coconut with water splash on white


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