In the realm of medical breakthroughs throughout the world, Dr Amit Kumar C Jain from Bengaluru has garnered numerous monikers, such as “The Doc who Rocked”, “The Father of Diabetic Foot Surgery” and “The Rocking Doc.” With a remarkable journey from being a former Surgery Professor to now serving as a senior Consultant Surgeon at the esteemed Amit Jain’s Institute of Diabetic Foot & Wound Care, within Bengaluru’s Brindhavvan Areion Hospital, Dr Jain has etched his name in history by setting an unparalleled global record. Aged just 39, he stands as the youngest Indian medical professional to be lauded as the ‘Father’ of a specialized medical domain – the groundbreaking field of Diabetic Foot – within the pages of authoritative medical literature. This extraordinary distinction has been validated and chronicled in respected repositories such as Best of India’s Record, Indian Book of Records, Kalam’s World Records, and World Records India 2023.

Dr. Amit Jain has already etched his name in history as the youngest Indian doctor to establish core principles and innovative practices in the expansive realm of diabetic foot care. His stellar achievements have been enshrined in revered compendiums including Indian Book of Records, Best of India’s Record, and India’s World Records. Remarkably, Dr. Jain boasts an impressive tally of six world records, a testament to his indomitable spirit and significant contributions as a surgeon from India.

Amidst the array of medical professionals, only a select few manage to transcend conventional boundaries and make true strides in originality. Dr. Amit Jain emerges as a visionary pioneer, a distinction that arises from his meticulous planning and unwavering commitment to advancing the field.

Dr. Amit Jain’s impact extends far beyond the borders of India, resonating on a global scale. His revolutionary principles and groundbreaking practices in diabetic foot care have not only redefined the field but also earned him the coveted title of “Father of Diabetic Foot Surgery.” Dr. Gopal S, a distinguished Professor of Surgery at Dr. Chandramma Dayananda Sagar Institute of Medical Education and Research, Bengaluru, praises Dr. Jain’s transformative role in advancing diabetic foot surgery, underscoring his pioneering contributions and remarkable evolution of modern diabetic foot surgical practices.

In recent times, a trend has emerged where doctors are sometimes bestowed with the titles of “Legends” or “Fathers” without substantial groundbreaking work to support these titles. Dr. Gopal emphasizes that such titles should be reserved for true pioneers of the subject like Dr. Amit Jain, who exhibit a consistent history of exceptional, persistent, original, and innovative work. Identifying such trailblazers often requires delving deep into the annals of medical literature.

The impact of Dr. Amit Jain’s pioneering work extends beyond mere recognition within medical literature. The leadership of Brindhavvan Areion Hospital acknowledges his exceptional contributions by dedicating a wing in his honor. This tribute, enshrined in the Grand Asian Book of World Records in 2022, aptly commemorates his exemplary research, surgical finesse, educational endeavors, and philanthropic initiatives.

Dr. Kishore Kumar, one of the Directors of the hospital, underscores the global significance of Dr. Amit Jain’s contributions to diabetic foot care. His unique teaching methodologies and captivating presentations have also earned accolades in Best of India’s Records. Dr. Jain’s transformative projects, including the renowned “Amit Jain’s Project,” and “Amit Jain’s Charitable Trust” stand as a testament to his charismatic persona, his unwavering commitment, and his philanthropic spirit.

The monumental feat accomplished by Dr. Amit Jain is meticulously documented in the official records of Best of India’s Records ( and World Records India (

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