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Do Private Coaching Centres Have Too Much Freedom?


School is not the happy place that many parents and elders would like to think so.

In reality, the happy and actual learning part of the school only lasts till you get to about 3rd class.

Though 5th, 6th and 7th are still slightly easy but very quickly, students are made to understand that marks are the most important and nothing, I mean nothing, must come in their way.

Almost every student is from 8th class onward enrolled into a tuition or coaching centre in order to ‘prepare’ for the competitive exams and getting good marks.

Now, a PIL filed by the Students Federation of India (SFI) has brought to light of how the alleged mushrooming of many ‘unrecognised’ private coaching centres is a violation of the guidelines of Right to Education (RTE).

This in turn has once more brought up the immense dependency that thousands and lakhs of students around the country have on these private coaching centres and whether the government needs to start better and more stringent regulation of these centres.

Private Coaching Centres
Private Coaching centers in Sector 34 of Chandigarh, May 21 2016. Express Photo by Kamleshwar Singh


Is Regulation Of Private Coaching Centres Even Possible?

The question that Supreme Court asked the petitioner was ‘“What do you want us to do? To close all the coaching centres? That can’t be done.”

And frankly that is a very good point, the govt. cannot just close down all these coaching centres, it is just impossible and not something that can ever happen.

The entrance exams for the various universities and courses around India will not stop, and each year they will only get tougher and tougher.

Thus, such coaching centres are important for the benefit and proper preparation of students as school focus on only basic and general education.

Whereas, to get admission into the top colleges and all one must be almost excellent in that particular field, which is where these coaching classes help students.

Private Coaching Centres

But Should They Be Allowed To Run Amuck and Free?

The one thing I did agree with the PIL petitioners was that the way that these coaching centres are running, without any regulation and in an unrecognized manner is also not good.

The govt. should definitely come up with guidelines that address these points and create guidelines that only allow them to function in an institutional manner and so that they commercial and other areas are all recorded for.

The amount of business that these centres make and the many students that put their faith in the teachers at such institutes is humongous, and so it is the responsibility of the govt. to make sure that such centres are accounted for.

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