Marvel has been quite the intrinsic part of the lives of us millennials. With the introduction of the first-ever Marvel movie back in 2000- X-Men, the MCU universe has us Marvel fanatics right where they have always wanted – at the edge of our seats wanting more.

The thrill of what is going to happen next and the sweet torture of waiting for a year or two for the sequel is something that the next generation will never get to experience.

X-Men 2000

For example, the biggest wait of the last few years was Avengers Endgame and for this year it was Spiderman: No Way Home. The erupting of the hall in an uproar when Captain America says, “Avengers, assemble!” in the movie Endgame is something that Gen Z will never truly be able to cherish.

The goosebumps, the laughter, the hooting, the shared pain over Tony Stark’s death, the binge-watching of the movies before going to the theaters for the final climax – are what makes Marvel Cinematic Universe a subject of nostalgia and in its totality, our childhood.

The moment right after Captain America says, “Avengers, Assemble!”

However, owing to Netflix, it’s all available on the platform to be viewed as many times as you want. Thereby, snatching away the sheer adrenaline rush that it used to offer while we were being subjected to the dark.

That’s not all. To make matters for the better or for the worse, Disney Plus is now buying all the MCU content from Netflix.

Why Is Disney Buying Content From Netflix?

Initially a rumor but now a sad reality, Disney Plus is buying back all Marvel content from Netflix. In fact, last week it was revealed that all the Netflix Originals including every lady’s dream – Daredevil featuring Charlie Cox, The Defenders, The Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones will be removed from Netflix by the end of this month.

The entire Avengers franchise has already been removed leaving room for only Hulk, Spider-Man featuring Tom Holland, and the Amazing Spider-Man.

The Defenders

When Disney decided that they wanted to take the Marvel brand past just the movies into the realm of TV, Marvel Entertainment, mind you, not Marvel Studios, who was aligned with ABC, decided that they would take a bunch of characters, them being, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Punisher, and Luke Cage and also the ones on Hulu pike Runaways.

ABC and Marvel Entertainment shot the shows and put the budget for the shows together.
Netflix was used as a distributor. All they did was supply the means for people to watch these shows. Disney was still funding it through ABC to Marvel Entertainment.

So now that the licenses are over – they’ve lapsed, that is their time has run out, Netflix would have to renegotiate a new deal.

Marvel’s Runaways

However, in 2018, Disney CEO Robert Iger said,

“When it comes to the future of Disney and licenses that we put out there for things like the Marvel characters and other properties, we will pull back the licensing and once the contract runs out, we will not renew it. We want everything back including our catalog of content.”

Disney CEO – Robert Iger

So now that the license has expired, they want it back.

Netflix used Marvel to boost the quality of its original content and Disney used Netflix for its audience.

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Is Marvel Series The Only Thing That Disney Is Buying Back?

According to reports, Disney will also be buying back the classic franchise of American Horror Stories. It is an anthology of stories consisting of a house with a deadly secret, a demented asylum, a witch coven, an unusual show, a hotel, a haunted farmhouse, a cult, and an apocalypse.

American Horror Story

Apart from American Horror Stories, Disney just might be buying back all the works of the American television writer Ryan Murphy who is best known for American Crime Stories, American Horror Stories, and the recent classic – Ratched.

Rumors have also been floating about the removal of Disney’s theatrical releases from 2016-2018 that includes Star Wars and Disney films in the US.

Ryan Murphy

Hence, this entire thing could either blow up in the face of Disney or could be an opportunity to build something far greater than Netflix.

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