Words such as ‘bitcoin’ and ‘blockchain’ have recently become a part of our active vocabulary. And now it seems everyone and their dog can keep the cryptocurrency talk going with all this information available on the internet.

The savvy ones have even started making money out of cryptocurrency a while back. Investing in, trading or mining coins are legit sources of income now.

The much-vaunted bitcoin might be the most famous cryptocurrency but it is definitely not the only one investors work with. The most popular alternative coins (altcoins) include Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

It might be hard to understand for us common people how these assets differ and which ones are better to invest in. Crypto entrepreneurs, however, know this ever-changing world inside out. They constantly keep an eye on the new assets, which seem to come out every day, their cap, ratings and so on.

Become a professional

To start trading and investing into cryptocurrencies professionally, you will have to put in much effort and time. Firstly, you will need to understand how the financial markets work in general.

If you have a natural talent for it you will take to investing and trading like a duck to water. However, it is more likely that you will spend some time on educating yourself about this area.

Secondly, you’d better learn some things specific to the cryptocurrency market. It doesn’t mean that you have to know every single detail – from the philosophy behind each coin to their technical peculiarities. But, as they say, the more you learn, the more you earn. After all, this way you will feel much more confident when dealing with cryptocurrency and it is quite important at the beginning of your career.

Last but not the least, you will need to find a good investment platform which might seem difficult because it requires painstaking attention to details. But a reliable trading platform should be developed by a reputable and trustworthy company.

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Choose an expert company to trade with

There are plenty of online investment platforms out there. Of course, if you have decided to work with cryptocurrencies, you will need to look into the ones that offer them as assets. As strange as it may seem, not all of the developers provide coins. However, the industry leaders have been doing it for a while now. It comes as no surprise because they try to stay in the know about the current industry and shape the trends.

One of the companies that has created a state-of-the-art investment platform is Olymp Trade. The trading tool is convenient and provides easy access to a wide range of assets. Apart from more classical ones (such as currency pairs, commodities), you will be able to work with BTC and ETH.

Minimalistic but nifty design allows you to concentrate on work without having to spend too much time on finding a particular instrument or feature.

All the necessary analytical tools and indicators (SMA, EMA, etc.) will be constantly at hand. Moreover, the developer cherishes new clients and provides ample educational materials.

Newbies can start with something ‘easy’ like trading terminology, whereas professionals may find information about more intricate strategies.

Olymp Trade: a reliable partner for professionals

It is enough to take a brief look at some cryptocurrency charts to understand that the financial markets might be pretty unstable frequently. Becoming a truly professional trader or investor will require some effort and work.  To make things easier, you need to find a reliable partner that will give you all the means to conduct a thorough analysis and make correct decisions.

Olymp Trade provides top-notch analytical instruments and all the support you might need. Apart from that, over the years the company has proven to be a trustworthy one. It is a member of the International Financial Commission.

It means your deposit is insured and you will get legal assistance in case of any disputes. Olymp Trade has also won several awards, including those by CPA Life Awards 2017 and ShowFx World 2016.

A modern and forward-looking company is always transparent and cooperative when it comes to relationships with its clients. Olymp Trade team do their best to communicate with the traders as much as possible.

Not only does their site have plenty of information but they are also ready to answer your question on Facebook, for example. Plus, you can visit their Youtube channel or contact the support if you have some specific questions.

The support team work 24/7 and speaks several languages. You can ask your question via email, phone or live chat.  They always reply quickly and to the point. All in all, you can count on the best client support with Olymp Trade.

Disclaimer: Relevant for UK/US/Aus readers only.

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  1. I’ve wanted to try trading with crypt for quite a long time, but I was even afraid to start with my modest finances. And then I’ve read in the article that one can do it on Olymp Trade and the barrier to entry is only $10 there. I’ve tried it, but without much success so far. It’s necessary to gain experience after all. Crypt is a special asset.

  2. Yes, it’s not necessary to know its philosophy and code from within in order to trade. Be it as it may, crypt is subject to the laws of the market, and you can get a complete picture of them on Olymp Trade. I mean a complete picture for starting trading.

    • It’s comfortable, that Olymp Trade offers no less than a dozen assets with the cryptocurrency – so you have an opportunity to choose. Because not everyone likes to trade the bitcoins, the price of every cryptocurrency has some behavioral specifics.  The bitcoins are more stable, altcoins are more changeable – all these can be used for making the profit if you know how to do it.

  3. Olymp trade baria broker hai mainay demo account sai start kia aur abb paisa bi deposit kia hai idher mai crypto currency mai bi trade kir sakta hai . customer support bi Olymp trade ki baria hai

  4. I don’t think that Olymp or another broker can give any other means to understand cryptocurrency market, rather than teaching basics of analysis. Cryptocurrencies are risky assets, they are governed by the standard law of risk appetite, as well as some currencies. There are two options to get profit in cryptocurrencies: a) to follow insiders’ actions, and b) to follow risk appetites and act on the basis of the technical analysis: copy movements of risk-related currencies and earn with the bounces from resistance level.

    • if you visit olymp trade blog you can get some very good daily insight of crypto currencies I read daily and this help me in trading you can try this too

    • You can join Olymp trade India facebook group where you can meet lot of experience traders and learn from them some very good bitcoin traders too in the group.

    • That is a nice thing about cryptocurrencies. They really don’t have any holidays or days off. At Olymp Trade you can trade crypt on Saturday and Sunday as well. On the other hand its nice to have some days off when you don’t trade at all. It’s hard to stop, but good for your state of mind.

  5. The fewer external aggravators, the more predictable trends. Technical analysis shows the so-called trading band – exchange rate margin. At weekends, the band is small but stable. I would recommend following the band’s borders and trading with indicators, e.g. RSI. The basics of technical analysis and methods of working with indicators are included into Olymp free tutorial package.

    • In Olymp Trade you can practice any approach and everything will work out because all the resources for that are there and you just have to work on yourself and your performance, I think that’s the key to success in any business, so no surprise.

  6. I learned trading with Olymp lessons, to be honest, they helped me a lot. I’m recently in trading and don’t know a lot, so I chose to trade according to the ready-made strategy provided by the broker. The strategy works quite well and helps me slowly increase the deposit.

    • yes I also learn lot of thing through olymp trade live webinar also I join Olymp trade India facebook group and learn some good strategies from experience traders Olymp trade is improving day by day

  7. Olymp trade ko 4 years hau gaye hai aur trading app kay ander kafi improvement hui hai baria broker hai aur option trading kay liay best hai

  8. Mujay Olymp trade mai trading kirtay few months hi huway hai Olymp trade baria trading platform hai .Trading jabardast hai isse per mujay koi friend bataye ga kay mai crypto currencies mai trading kirna chahta haun aur Olymp trade ka koi aisa forum jahan mai crytpo traders sai mil sakun.

  9. i have experience in forex trading but now i want to learn option trading.Olymp trade demo account i register already good thing is so many trading instruments available for trading but I think credit card deposit is not good option i want to know what is the best deposit option for Indians . I am thinking to open live account after i satisfy with my demo trading.

    • Milind for Indians skrill and neteller is best deposit method both deposit and withdrawals fast through skrill thats why i prefer skrill to deposit in my Olymp trade account.

  10. Olymp trade is good broker but i expect that they introduce more deposit option for Indian traders and also provide more trading educational material in Hindi so Indian traders learn and develop option trading skills.I attend Olymp trade live webinars and again i want to request that Olymp trade start webinars in Hindi too.

  11. Bro i read lot of comments where lot of people want to learn more about olymp trade . well olymp trade is good only if you are good in trading so first you need to learn and then you can earn so my advice to all people to learn properly before start trading with Olymp trade i am sharing link of Olymp trade India facebook group where you will find so many good traders from India and can get help from them in learning.

  12. I’m a client of the company and I can state with full responsibility that the analytics it provides is one of the best. If you follow the news, you can avoid a lot of trouble like strong drawdowns on the account. I also recommend to follow the signals, they can be used as a kind of indicators when making trading decisions.

    • I agree with you i am also enjoying trading on Olymp trade platform its nice trading platform for traders and Olymp trade daily market watch help in trading.

  13. The way this profitting works wasn’t really clear right away, but it became way simpler after some time. I advise you to do the same as I do, read reviews, watch training videos on YouTube and on the broker’s website, which specifically tell you what to pay attention to at the beginning of a trader’s career.

    • Olymp trade is good platform problem with most people is that they start trading without any practice i started with demo account and then after lot of practice in demo account i started to trade with my money.Olymp trade platform is simple to use which is good for newbie traders like me if you trade with patience and right strategy then olymp trade is good platform for you.

  14. Olymp trade is good broker I trade in Gold mostly but now I am thinking to start trading crypto currencies too on Olymp trade the good thing about crypto currencies is that you can trade even Saturday sunday too when all other markets off.I have more time for trading on weekends so I think I will start trading crypto currencies on Olymp trade account too

  15. I persoannly tried it three times and finally gave up. It doesn’t work. On demo everything is simple, but once you switch to the real money, everything is completely different. Apparently not everyone gets to or wants to dedicate time to psychologica trainings.

    • It is not that much about psychological trainings, Jeff. Emotions are always there until you bypass some barrier, when you start treating both losses and winning trades equally. This is absolutely impossible until you know exactly what the good trade is. The good trade is not the one that has yielded some profits. It is not the one that you have quit before it gave you a loss. The good trade is the one that you have done with 100% accordance with your trading system. The first step is to write down the basic rules on the piece of paper and put it on the wall in front of you. Then you can modernize the rules, add some or remove. But there must be something to start with. This something must not be equal to “I have a feeling that the price will go up/down”. If you have no clue what to start with when creating your own trading you csay strn det with OT ducational programs. They give some really good fundamentals which can be a good starting point.

  16. For 2 years I’ve had a positive opinion about Olymp Trade. I trade almost all types of investments, except metals. I actively use part of the capital, and keep part of it in shares of American top companies. The commission is charged only when a deal is opened or postponed to the next day. It’s profitable to trade here!

  17. I’ve already faced micro problems on the platform itself many times , but online support always quickly and clearly explains what exactly you should do and in what order. Since I am a beginner, I often have silly questions that are ridiculous for professionals. But the platform is so good that it helps everyone to master everything.

    • Yes olymp trade support is good good thing they even provide support in Hindi for Indian traders which is very useful for most traders to understand their problems and resolve with help of Olymp trade support

  18. I guess, options – are not the best to work with cryptocurrencies. The volatility is way too high. Unless you open long term deals, but it is also risky. Olymp Trade is a well-known company. I trade with them from time to time. I trade only with classic forex assets, because this is more effective: beneficial payouts rate and conducting analysis is much more comfortable. Cryptocurrencies are moving quite often against the behavior of indicators – the market is still young and has not established yet.

  19. good review and very useful for traders who want to start trading on Olymp trade , my advice to new traders that first start with demo account and learn and develop trading strategies and after when you feel you can understand market behavior then trade in your live account with Olymp trade.

  20. Olymp trade mai deposit kay liay best option konsa hai koi experience trader guide kiray mai credit card use kir raha haun who thora slow hai koi aur acha option hai deposit kay liay tu please guide kiray

    • best option skrill hai Olymp trade mai deposit kay liay per Olymp trade ko local deposit method bi introduce kirwana chahiay

  21. The Olymp’s platform is extremely suitable for trading cryptocurrency, as it is very easy and understandable. When I tried to figure out how I can invest directly in cryptocurrency, I started searching the info on the Internet – and soon my mind was about to explode. Bitcoin, blockchain, some algorithms, I had to open a special wallet (again related to blockchain!) that I somehow had to open and memorize the password to it consisting of about 30 symbols, and all the like… You know, I’ve got a fellow programmer, so when I asked him how it all works and why so confusing, he replied that he has no idea as well, LMAO xDD
    In contrast, with Olymp Trade you won’t need to understand the principles of cryptocurrency if you trade using technical analysis. That’s just an asset with its own specificity that can and must be analyzed in order to make money on it. At the moment, the cryptocurrency trading with Olymp Trade is very convenient way of trading this asset.

  22. Good point. If you want to make money on investments (no matter if you invest in cryptocurrency or not), you need to understand the financial markets fairly well – that’s a must. The good thing is that Olymp Trade provides exactly such training for the beginners. To be honest, some webinars will be useful even for seasoned investors! For example, I’ve been trading on financial markets for more than 3 years by now, and still I learned quite much from those courses.
    It is very convenient that Olymp Trade provides opportunities not only for studying but also practising with a free demo-account. By the way, studying is absolutely free as well. As soon as you feel you’ve learnt enough to start investing, it’s time to start. I like that this company doesn’t impose any conditions on its customers. If you wish – go ahead, make a deposit and start trading, if you don’t – it’s OK, you’re not obliged to make a deposit. The demo-account is free, after all. Nobody will bother you with calls and offer some obscure bonuses to make you fund your account, that’s just not the story.

  23. Olymp trade mai sirf 10 dollars sai account open kiru aur trading start kir lau traders ju big ammount deposit nahi kir saktay unne kay liay best hai

  24. Hello friends Olymp trade is one of the few brokers where you can start trading without any fear option trading is less risky compare to forex trading and olymp trade offer best trading environment to us

  25. As an alternative, Olymp Trade provides an opportunity of trading cryptocurrency. Still, I prefer the classic Forex assets. Cryptocurrency is unpredictable, I cannot name any scheme that would efficiently work in case with cryptocurrency. Perhaps just fundamental analysis, but that’s rather for those in the know… As for technical analysis, it won’t work with cryptocurrency until the latter becomes a classic stable asset, like EUR/USD or DJ. For now, I prefer trading something more steady and analyzable. :)

    • Well, cryptocurrency can also be a predictable asset. At least that’s true of bitcoin. I’ve recently read a study which showed that bitcoin is highly correlated with gold, the latter being one of the steadiest assets in general :) The trick is to avoid assets that expire too fast – an hour or longer would be a fine interval.

  26. Olymp trade is offering good services to its customers i am enjoying trading with Olymp trade payout is good during the usa trading session

  27. mujay thora time hi hua hai trading mai per Olymp trade acha broker hai abhi tak bitcoin mai trading kir raha haun payout acha hai

  28. I’ve been trading with Olymp Trade for half a year and made my first withdrawal recently. The money arrived on that same day, to the NETELLER account. Basically, what I liked here the most was the bonus awarding system. When I created an account, I was immediately offered a 100% bonus on condition that I make a deposit within an hour. Since I was going to make a deposit anyway, I accepted the offer and received a $100 bonus, in addition to my own $100. The great thing is, this bonus doesn’t impose any obligations on you. You may withdraw funds at any given moment, the bonus is merely additional trading resources. That’s far more convenient than with other brokers, when you cannot withdraw either the accepted bonus (which is quite clear) or even your own funds (which is definitely not OK).

  29. When I was choosing the platform for trading, I checked the profitability conditions, but also the company’s reputation. In the end, I chose Olymp Trade, because this company is a market leader and I’m satisfied by my cooperation with it: I trade, make a withdrawal, I can stop trading for some time, and then be back. Nobody bothers me with the calls, or try to sell me something – the company does its job and allows me to trade. There is nothing else somebody needs.

  30. It’s comfortable, that Olymp Trade offers no less than a dozen assets with the cryptocurrency – so you have an opportunity to choose. Because not everyone likes to trade the bitcoins, the price of every cryptocurrency has some behavioral specifics.  The bitcoins are more stable, altcoins are more changeable – all these can be used for making the profit if you know how to do it.

    • I don’t think that trading cryptocurrencies is that beneficial at Olymp.They have much better instruments there with more favourable payout rates. The only good thing about bitcoin and altcoins is that they keep moving during the weekends.

  31. The main direction of my activity is Forex. I have been doing it for ten years and achieved some results. And I became interested in options quite recently. I was analyzing different brokers for a long time, compared them, and decided to stop on the neutral candidate. In my opinion, it is the Olymp Trade. There was no big negative feedback about them on the network, and my friends, who sometimes trade on options said that they are good. In general, they came up perfectly for the beginning. So, for a month and a half of trading in general, it seemed that this is a perfectly sane and, most importantly, a stable broker who has everything you need, from analytics to confident, smart support.

  32. The good thing about Olymp’s cryptocurrency options is that you are not limited to “buy only” option here. If you see that cryptocurrencies price is falling, you don’t have to wait for an uptrend. Sell the option, go with the trend and get your profits.

  33. I’m certainly an experienced trader, this is my only job and I only make money by trading cryptocurrencies. In this case, I don’t have the opportunity to deposit 30-40 thousand bucks. In order to make money on transactions, I use the x200 multiplier from Olymp Trade. This mechanism allows me to reduce my risks and at the same time trade in large amounts (and, accordingly, receive significant income).

  34. Olymp Trade is one of the best brokers who have met on my way, all because it offers well chosen conditions for trading a trader with or without experience. There is always a dynamic and interesting trading here, which allows you to test various assets and strategies with them, which can be called classical or modern. I like the fact that there are a lot of tools that can be used constantly. Also, this broker offers excellent bonuses that will help you to strengthen your capital, but do not require any work out. I have never seen such a thing before, so at first I refused, but when I received an explanation from the manager, I was convinced that in this company bonuses can be used without fear for the withdrawal of funds or your capital.

    • Olymp Trade is very good not only cause of trading conditions, but also for additional features. One of my favourite points is that traders can create a demo account before opening an account and entering real money (and most often lose it immediately). This demo account does not bind to anything, does not require paid deposits or contributions. All this is absolutely free and has no time limit. What does it look like? You go to olymptrade.com, open a demo account with 10,000 demo units and trade. When you get used to it and feel ready to make real money deals, you create an account and top up your balance, with a minimum deposit of 10 dollars. For me, training with a demo account was just a great practice of real trades, which gave me the necessary confidence to trade on Olymp Trade.

  35. I’ve traded with two other brokerages before Olymp and can say for sure that the trading platform here is above all my expectations! Not only the platform is good cause it has got a nice set of indicators and tools. I really appreciate how the menu is done. I don’t like new applications but here the interface is really user friendly and I can easily browse through all the features and immediately find everything I need. Of course this is important only once you begin getting familiar with the platform, but I’m glad the acquaintance went smoothly and with no disappointments from the very beginning.

  36. I just switched to OlympTrade and my opinion now is positive. Especially I like that trading terminal, it’s much more convenient that trading platforms I used before. There’s also Olymp Trade community in Facebook and some traders suggested me to try mobile app. However, I doubt about trading with mobile device, I tried it with another brokerage and I can honestly say I can’t deal with it, it’s simply inconvenient. Can someone share own experience about Olymp Trade mobile app?

    • The olymp mobile application can be safely called a quality one, and it fully corresponds to the original site. If you come across some technical issues, they will be minor, I manage to work on news and deals on technical analysis in this way, so you can try it, I think you will be satisfied.


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