Well, not technically animals – more like fish. Part of the animal kingdom but not the first picture in your head upon hearing the term ‘animals’.

Yes, it rained fishes in Telengana!

The residents of Telangana’s Jagtial town never imagined that it would rain fishes from heaven. Many people gathered live fish that fell from the sky as it was raining fish. It may sound strange, but it’s true.

Jagtial village recently woke up to “fish rain,” a somewhat uncommon animal rain event as reported by ABP News. The similar thing happened a few days ago in the Kaleswaram neighbourhood in Telangana’s Bhupalpally district. The incidence was also recorded in the dense woods of Mahadevpur last month.

Here is a short clip from YouTube, in case you are interested:

A shower of animals is a sporadic meteorological occurrence in which creatures without wings fall to the ground. It seems that frogs and fish are the most typical kinds of animals to “rain”. Such incidents have been recorded from many locations throughout the world. But specialists say that “live raindrops” are extremely uncommon.

The Honduran nation of Central America has seen “fish rain” for more than a century. So much so that this occurrence has its own name, Lluvia de Peces, which translates to “Rain of Fish” in Spanish.

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Uttar Pradesh’s Bhadohi area reported partaking in a similar phenomenon in the month of October last year when fish began to fall from the sky.

Strong gusts and a downpour of rain that day were also present in the area, along with the aquatic animals. The curious bystanders watched as little fish was observed pouring down near the Kandhiya Gate neighborhood of Chauri.

The oldest mention of the phenomenon dates back to the first century AD when the Roman scientist Pliny the Elder recorded frog and fish storms.

However, nothing about this type of incident is supernatural. According to one theory, tornadic waterspouts occasionally pick up animals like fish or frogs and transport them for up to several kilometers. When the wind progressively slows down, everything becomes confused, which causes the animals to fall in the rain.

If you ever come across an incident like this, first of all, record it and then remember that you are to not eat these ‘fallen’ fishes as they are potentially toxic in nature.

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